Spring Semester

Bid goodbye to sunny Manila yesterday. I'm back in Taipei for spring semester which starts today till June. I kept on promising myself that I'm not gonna shed a tear at the airport or inside the plane, but I'm really that emotional, as always. Kissed and hugged mom, and when I reached the boarding gate, I was in tears again. I would have wanted to poke my eyes with toothpick just to stop my tears from falling. What added to my raw emotions is knowing that two of the best friends I made here in Taipei is leaving on Friday. I don't know what to say, what to do, what to feel. All I know is that it will never be the same again. But I'm just thinking, it will just be 4 months. 4 months.

My first class wasn't that bad, to think I didn't register for that one and came in few minutes before it started. I'm in the library now and maybe, in the next four months, I'll do all my readings here just because I cant concentrate in my dorm. I can so feel the lonesomeness there. Now back to looking up the assigned reading. I need to keep myself busy.

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