Beauty and the Blog

Reading beauty blogs has actually become a part of my daily routine. However, I can't still get myself to work on the brushes and blushes. I'm not a make-up kind of girl. I like all things simple. I'm more of a skincare fanatic but I don't like trying so many new products. I'm keen on caring for my skin using only dermatologist-tested-proven-and prescribed products that's why you can't make me buy Pond's or Nivea or any over the counter thingamajigs not unless recommended by a doctor. I can always go out without any make up on and be comfortable that's why regular visits to a dermatologist for me is a must.

When I started reading blogs, I learned the terms highlighter, concealer, liquid eyeliner and whatnot and from then on, I have always looked up to beauty bloggers who continue to inspire women and help prettify themselves. I can just imagine the amount of time and money (cosmetics are not cheap!) these girls spend to share their knowledge to the world, and for that, here's a BIG thank you from one lurker like me! I may not be able to put their writings into application, being the lipgloss-only girl that I am, but I'm still thankful I get to know the newest products on the beauty counter. I would want to start a skincare blog but I am really scared to roadtest different products on my face, so I'd rather write about my derma visits.

Still on beauty- before heading back to the country that will adopt me for a year more, I promised to visit again my derma for another check up. I'd still continue with Galderma's Teteralysal, to be taken every other day and start topical treatment with Galderma's Adapalene cream. If only Galderma's looking for a spokesperson, I could volunteer my services for free (or maybe lifetime supply of their products would be okay, kidding!). Yay, skincare is truly expensive but is well worth the price.


ewong said...

Hi Jackie,
I heard that the best cleanser for our face is just water. I have oily and porous face so I can't really do that. I use a brand called " Human Nature" facial wash and moisturizer. I like it so far, it is naturally scented and non drying. - their products are all organic made in the Phils. It is sold direct like Avon :)

Niko Batallones said...

I'm sure you've noticed, but in case you haven't, I've written one entry. And another. And another. (Then again alam mo yung entry about the planning, the one about Jill.)