Solo Flight

I have always believed that there is time for everything, hence the biblical quote in my blog's banner "To everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven." No matter what we want to do, if it's not in His mighty hands, it wouldn't happen even if we turn the world upside down.

At the airport, while waiting for my flight to SG few days ago, I was seated beside a forty-something Australian woman (well, just basing from her sunshiny smile and accent) who was talking to her husband on the phone. It was the sweetest conversation I have ever heard, yet the simplest of all things, she just talked about what happened that day and the other day. My mind's always quick to imagine all sorts of stuff so I instantaneously visualized a couple with a happy marriage, then off I am to wishing and hoping and dreaming that someday someway somehow… ackk you can pretty much complete my sentence.

Then the woman looked at me, smiled and muttered "Twenty years of marriage, worth the wait. In life sweetie, you don't have to look for that person, just let that person look for you. He will come without you knowing it. Just enjoy life." And shoot. Boy, that did it. I was smiling from ears to ears as I board the plane on a solo flight. I know I am going to enjoy this Singapore trip all alone.

And was I correct. It didn't even come to my mind to imagine I was with someone in Marina Bay, someone holding my hands, or maybe someone putting his arms around me while watching the magnificent Songs of the Sea, or someone sitting beside me in the park bench watching the beautiful Fountain of Wealth. I was in every minute enjoying the company of myself. Of course I have to meet the cousins and all that but it didn't hinder. As usual, I shopped, all for myself this time around as I'm spending my own money in this trip (first time in history of mankind I tell you).

While we're out there or in here, just remember that we have to enjoy life no matter what and live it to the fullest. Alone or attached, it doesn't matter. Love yourself first and love others whole heartedly too. Solo journey like this refreshes the mind and soul. Enjoy the time we have for everything.


I'll be on my way to the airport in a little while and this trusty lappy of mine is not included in my luggage. I decided I don't have to lug around a heavy laptop to give my back and shoulders a rest this time. I'm visiting one of the places I have always been so amused with... Singapore! A much deserved r&r before I write my final papers.

Almost Perfect

Sky is clear.
Air is cool.
Leaves are falling.
Birds are chirping.
Rainbow is peeking.

I am missing a whole lot of things but today I am definitely smiling.


Why is life so peculiar? I sometimes cant help but be in awe with all the oddities of this crazy thing called life. Or maybe I'm just in a state of confusion? These coming days I can so feel that I'd be in a state of delirium. I want to breathe but I just cant. I want to feel at peace, but how come my mind's telling me not to? I want to trust and put all my faith, but why do I worry too much now more than ever? It's so hard. I'm twenty one yet I feel like thirty one. I haven't achieved anything that's why I keep on pressuring myself that sometimes I cannot handle it anymore. Lord, my Savior, please hear me. Please pacify my thoughts, calm my heart, my spirit.

Happy Mothers' Day!

I have so many dreams in life, but in the long list of my dreams, the one on top is to be a good mother to my future children. I do not know how my mom raised me and my brothers that we ended up being good-natured, God-fearing individuals. All I know is that mom is always there every step of the way. I have always been thankful having her in my life. She is my everything, companion, best friend, mother. Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you more than words could express. I regret not having to kiss you today, not having to sleep beside you, or even hold your hands. I will be seeing you sooner than we both know.

To all the mothers, I salute you for doing the hardest profession in the whole wide world. Happy mothers' day!

Saturday Night

Saturday night and I'm alone in my room. My roomie has gone home for the weekend and I'm in no mood to go out. Exactly forty one days from now I'll be packing my things and living this dormitory. Sure I'd be missing this place that nurtured me into a person with lower living standards, but I am so looking forward to moving to a new place I can finally call my home away from home.

See how time flies. It's the fifth month of the year and just few days from now, half of the year has already gone. Although I long for the days when everything seems so slow, I think I like it better this way. Sometimes I visualize what will happen to me the same day next year or two years from now. But as they say, 慢慢來 (take things slowly).

With school work, I am done with all my required presentations. The only thing left is the final paper for each course I'm taking. Deadly it is but I will try to start writing this coming week. This semester is really better than the previous one. It passed by just in a bolt of lighting but I can feel I have learned more and become more productive this time around. My Chinese lesson ended in a jiffy, but what made it more special is the new found friends I got. We gave our teacher a card to thank her and to show our appreciation. I think it's only our class this semester who had a tea-drinking session and who learned two Chinese games.

Lately I have also been getting a lot of good opportunities and grabbing them as they come along. I finally had my first interview for my internship earlier and if all things fall into place, God willing, I will be in another place by July or August, and be back here by September. I'm also happy to share that I'll be going to SG the week after next for some R&R.

Have a great Saturday night.