Some Updates

I'm so tired no words can even describe it but I just want to let it all out so here we go, bullet-point style:

- I feel like my body is being torn into pieces. I'm slowly turning into a masochist by enjoying the pain and exhaustion that goes with what I'm doing now, but all's well that ends well. 

- My inability to decide well has been the concern of most people who are so close to me. After a whole lot of talking, sharing, crying, listening, I can finally take a deep breath now and say "I know what to do."

- My brothers and I finally spent some quality time together. It's so rare that we get to see each other and do things together (read: eat) with all the different professions that we have. But distance really makes the heart grow fonder, and there is no better way to bond than lying in bed with two big guys and the littlest one being squished. 

- My dearest and most favorite aunt, Auntie Emi visited with my cousin Jay last month. Although their visit was mainly for my aunt's mom- Lola Mary- who suffered from a massive stroke, we still made sure Jay got to try every possible Filipino food. We're all hoping Lola Mary's condition will improve, it is too sad to see her in bed, because she used to have a lot of stories for everyone. It was too short of a vacation for us, but as what I have always told my cousin, it's better than nothing. 

- Achie Bon, one of my first friends and achie here in Taiwan is finally tying the knot!  JP and Achie Bon are very lucky to have each other and I can't wait to see them grow in the love of God and build a life together. We had a mini bridal shower (pictures above) for her and the single ladies did learn many things from the married achies. 

- I have a new 'inaanak' or goddaughter! I'm excited to witness her grow up and enjoy God's presence in her life. I kept saying I wouldn't be a good example, but I'll try my best. I wrote a letter and asked her parents to keep it until she learns how to read. I can't wait for that moment when she'll read it aloud in front of me. 

- I cannot wait for June!!!

- My list of things to do is already piling up and I haven't crossed out a single item. Lord, help!!!

- I value every bit of time that I have to rest and sleep. I think I owe every single friend an explanation on what I have been up to, but I think the less people know, the better. That is all.


Cherry Blossom Boulevard, Beitou

"His was the fight, ours the crown."
Christ is risen, Alleluiah! Spring has sprung! And the cold almost gone (except the annoying rain the entire week). So many reasons to be happy about but I am not quite sure how I have been feeling these days.

Slice open my head and maybe you'll find a gazillion of thoughts floating around. I'm stuck with so much stuff I'm afraid I'm -in the words of my colleague- already living outside my life. I think he got it right.

Thankfully, the observance of Holy Week has put a halt on all these busyness. I was too absorbed with other things, forgetting Someone manages them for me. And maybe this is the reason why I was deeply moved by the services I attended the past days. On Good Friday, despite having to go to work, I dropped by the church near the office and they were having a short musical recollection before the veneration of the cross. I suddenly felt enveloped by His love, His greatness. I teared up and felt alive again. The homilies by the nuncio from Palm Sunday to Easter also fueled my hunger, my thirst, listening to him wiped away my exhaustion.

People might think I'm crazy with all the things I'm doing. I miss myself, my alone time. I miss not having to eat fast, to sleep fast. I miss not having to think of what I will do next. I miss my daily masses.

To be able to go back to my normal life, I need to make a decision- fast, quick. But it is hard. People close to me know the things I value, and they also are torn on what advice to give to me.

But I was told last Sunday that i need to listen to voices other than the one in my head, especially those who know me well. Discern. Pray. Know what will make you grow. I'm grateful I have these voices in my life. And that voice of Someone greater than us.