Hey, Thank You

Hey. You are that one person in my life who has constantly believed in me. There were times when I doubted if I can make it through. I have had too many frustrations on what I want to do, on what I want to be. Thank you for just being there. You know, listening to my endless rants, about work, about life, about everything else. Those long pauses and gaps in YM, I don't really mind them.

That afternoon, that conversation over a cup of tea, I felt a deep longing to a friend. That even if it has been years that we haven't talked, haven't seen each other, or haven't chatted, there would always be this connection between the two of us, even between long pauses and silent gaps. It's comforting just like that.

And yes, thank you for reminding me not to fear on the things that will happen next. Afterall, everything's just starting. Thank you for writing. And thank you for not giving up on your blog. I always need something sensible to read.

Kid Again

I think I have totally forgotten how it feels like to be a kid again. You know, playing barbie dolls, chinese garter, and arcades. My aunt told me that I grew up too fast and became mature in just a snap of her fingers. She even said, gone is the little girl she once held hands with, while strolling in Greenhills, shopping for dolls and kitchen-play items and wearing floral dresses. Well, should I blame Nicholas Sparks and Paulo Coelho for making me mature too early?

But of course there are times when I try my best to digress from my own maturity. I watch cartoons, read comics and chic lits, and browse teen magazines. Although I find them crappy all too often, it feels good to be laughing at silly reading materials and tv shows.

Last Saturday I had the chance to be a kid again. My niece and nephew arrived from Kuwait and I met up with them in MOA. I thought there's no better place to spend time with them, than in Timezone. And yes, as expected, they had the time of their lives, and so did I. Boy I can still feel the swelling numbing pain in my right arm after playing that throw-ball thing for eight times (my niece counted that precisely). I took 3 Alaxan tabs, but to no avail. And as my niece said, "No pain, no gain Tita! We have to get our mission cleared and not fail again!" Awww, she's growing up too fast too.

Anyhow, I'll segue to my accomplishments this week.

June 20
I picked up my claim stub for my authenticated documents in DLSU and ran to Manila Doctors after for the check up.

June 21
Special thanks to my co-writer in Eat Bulaga, Diane, for assisting me in DFA. She's working there and I was able to claim my DFA-authenticated documents smoothly, and fuss-free. I went straight to Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office to have them verified. I slept the entire day because of exhaustion. By Thursday, I have to get my Medical Exam results. I am hoping everything will be okay :))

Tomorrow's mid week again, have a good week everyone!

Prepping for Taipei

That is my "last-day picture" in Eat Bulaga. I worked as one of their Creative Writers and every day is indeed a learning experience. It's a daily noontime show, so what do you expect? Not sleeping is part of the norms, and so is hideous eyebags. But however tiring life in Eat Bulaga may get, I loved the adrenaline rush, and the sense of fulfillment because of the children I was able to help in Ebest. My work there is over and I'm on to another beautiful chapter of my life, written by my favorite author, God.

I am overjoyed. My heart sings of nothing but gladness. My days and weeks are filled with God's grace. And with His blessing, and my parent's blessing, I have already started with the long to-do list before I set foot in Taipei.

I actually am thinking of putting up another blog for my Taiwan gig (Niko coined that term) but I am just too lazy to register for another account. This blog will now carry some details on what I am up to and what I have accomplished, because I know for a fact that in the days and the years to come, I would be reading them again and again. So here's to an account of what happens before, during and after Taiwan!

June 15
I have already received my acceptance letter in the mail and faxed it immediately to the embassy. The requirements are pretty basic, just the Transcript, Diploma, and the completely filled-out Enrollment Registration Form that they mailed together with the letter. The hard part is to have these documents authenticated by CHED and DFA.

June 16
I went to DLSU's Office of the University Registrar to have my Transcript of Record and Diploma authenticated first by CHED. However, they have set 18 working days before I can get the documents. I was disheartened because I know I wouldn't make it to NCCU's deadline if they have to process it in 18 days, plus 5 days for DFA authentication, and another 5 days for embassy verification. If I wouldn't be able to beat the deadline, which is July 15, the slot would be forfeited, and so is the scholarship.

June 17
I need all the help I can get. Badly. So with all the courage, I emailed Sir Edwin Santiago, the DLSU Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Services and University Registrar. And I am so grateful he replied immediately and acted on my urgent concern. The 18 days, I think, would be cut into half. I will forever be thankful to Sir Edwin and to the OUR. My papers are on their way to DFA, if I'm not mistaken.

June 18
Mom already made me book a flight to Taipei because the airline is having a promo sale. I will be leaving early September to make it to the International Student's orientation.

June 19
Today, I just had my medical examination which lasted for almost three hours. I don't know what took it so long. But at least, it's done and done. The results of which will be out by Wednesday and I have to fax it to the embassy before June 30. I am hoping and praying that everything will turn out smoothly. There are still lots of things to do like turning over the documents and applying for a Visa and so on.

I'll chill for now because I think I almost passed out when I saw the amount of blood being drawn out of me earlier. Happy weekend! Tomorrow is another check-up day for me. I am trying to live a healthy life so I heart doctors now. :)

Then He Opened Another Door

Last week, I accompanied Mary and Dhi to get their NBI clearance in Carriedo. It's a deja vu for me as it's also the week that I should be celebrating my 1st year in the real world, real life drama. So I waited for them. As usual, I have the inclination to get bored and impatient after few couple of minutes so Mary, being my angel these past few days, lent me her book. And I came across this passage from the book of Jeremiah 29:11.

"I know what I am planning for you," says the Lord. "I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future."

Yes. Indeed, God never fails to guide His children. I love His miracles, the gifts we receive from Him are little surprises wrapped with swirls and ribbons, complete with His comforting embrace and love. So special are these gifts that we ought to thank and praise Him all the days of our lives. He again answered my prayers. I may have been so down in the dumps the past few weeks, but there came the light from high heavens.

I have long been anticipating the results of my application for Masters degree. The pain and agony of waiting for almost 4 months was unbearable. But in those 120-something days, I kept holding on. I was perpetually doubtful with my television production job. If it's worth it to be a work slave? No healthy work-life balance.

God might have seen my eyebags, poor health and weight loss. So He might have pitied me and blessed me now with such a big wonderful surprise. The results were released June 5, 2pm. Funny thing was at 2pm, there was an outage. Talk about suspense. Mary and Joy also came over to see the results, and to offer me love and hugs, just in case I don't make it. At 2:15, power's back and we went to check the website and downloaded the International Admission results in PDF file. The file has 16 pages. And my name was on the 15th page. Imagine us, scrolling page by page only to find out that my name was on the second to the last page?

I was screaming when I saw my two-letter surname. Literally screaming at the top of my lungs! Joy immediately hugged me, and Mary too. I'm jumping for joy, and was in tears. God is so good. Now, it's my turn to be good to Him.

I'm now in the process of compiling all documents and medical exams for the visa and scholarship. And mom's showing signs of separation anxiety as early as now.

Thank you to my closest friends who prayed for me. And thank You Lord, for EVERYTHING. Gaya nga ng sabi sa Rexona, I won't let You down :)

Tomorrow's a New Day

I can already hear the rain drops' pitter patter outside. It's a stormy night and I'm on the verge of screaming my lungs out each time the wicked thunder and lightning roared to life.

I miss those times when my sibs and i were little and we used to wear bright-colored raincoats to school on a rainy day. Mine then was of course, a pink Hello Kitty printed coat with a matching pink boots. We didn't care if we get soaking wet, or if we create huge splash of water with our tiny boots. As long as we're having fun in our own little world, our folks wouldn't mind. But now, now is a different story. I wouldn't bother to sum it up.

This day was just too much for me to bear. I would want to grab a warm cup of latte to wind up my toxic Thursday. Because according to a little boy in a noodle ad campaign, "Tomorrow is a new day."

Photo Credit: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/

Rants and Realizations

Oh yes. I have fallen prey to this ridiculously addictive Plurk that swears by the tagline "Your Life, On the Line". Who would have thought sharing one-liners by the minute would capture the interest of fellow plurkers, or even to complete strangers? And who would have thought a legendary writer by the name of Paulo Coelho would have his own Plurk account?

I have been following his Plurks and I'm dazzled because it's as if he's always into his own silent retreat. His plurks consist of points to ponder on, little ideas that other plurkers can discuss to one another. One time his plurk was something about a circle, although I can vaguely recall what's it about, I found myself enjoying his plurks.

Like last night, I read something that would be meaningful for the rest of my week. The writer wrote "Risks are risky! Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. Indecision is worse. If ur heart tell you something, follow it, relax and enjoy!" This just summarized what I am feeling right now, right in this moment of painfully waiting and waiting in vain.

I'm sorry I just need to vent out what I am feeling now. And thanks to Mr. Paulo Coelho, I was enlightened. What I did was to put myself in a very risky situation. And who is it to blame? I can't think of no one but myself. If I'm going to the roots of my situation, it is always me who's at fault. I was given choices then, whole lot of them. But I failed to choose which one was right. No one was even guiding me on my options. I would have wanted something different, but I opted for another thing because worse comes to worse, I sure bet THEY wouldn't have the guts to manage it well.

And when it's time to suffer the consequences, it's hard, pitiful, painful. Just like what you get when you wait for something you don't know if you're gonna get it. I am always praying for things, asking God to just do His will. But why am I so afraid? I'm afraid I might fall and fail. Again like I always do. I am so scared of what will happen.

I guess what I have left is my faith. That even if everything scares the hell out of me, I still have my faith to lean on. All my faith, Lord. I will accept everything because it is Your will, not mine, that will be done. I trust You in all of these, just like what I always do.

Photo credit: http://th08.deviantart.com