My Weekend

Last Friday, I got to attend the Digital Ripple- 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit at the SMX Convention Center. I was able to sit down and listen to only one speaker but it was worth the while. The summit was a convention of all social media marketing geeks who use only Mac and Keynote for their presentations, Blackberrys and Iphones, and who keep their fingers busy by tweeting almost every three minutes. I also saw my college friend Ruth at the convention so we had some time to catch up and took some snaps.

Spent the entire Saturday in Makati with Bea, her adorable nephew Ivan, Ate Lannie and my college blockies for a supposed-to-be reunion. The weather was good for a couple of hours at the Salcedo Market until it started pouring and so we transferred to Greenbelt. It was again an inspiring day for both Bea and I, listening to all the talks and advices of Ate Lanie. It's so good to have a friend who is way older than you and gives excellent advice in career, money, and life in general. For dinner, I met with my blockmates for a reunion. I didn't really expect a good turnout so it was no biggie when only six showed up, the seventh through a Skype date (Hi Lau!), but nonetheless, I still enjoyed the night and went home with a smile. It pays off not have any expectations sometimes! (Hmmm I feel the need to write a separate entry for this with some pictures and screen caps I took.)

I went to church pretty early today because my aunt cooked us delish lunch at her place so we have to leave by 10AM. The presider gave a very insightful reflection on the gospel by criticizing the lifestyle brought by modernity. Our lives now revolve around credit cards, loans and everything postpaid- you enjoy now and pay later. But on the contrary, he argues that life is not something you get to enjoy now and pay later, life, according to him, is prepaid. You need to earn it, then enjoy the fruits of your labor after. Surprisingly, after the roller coaster of events that I've been through before, I agree with the presider. I have always been a firm believer of delayed gratification. Work hard and enjoy later. It pays to discipline yourself well until you muster enough courage to get out of your bubble and 'build' yourself.

Have a great week ahead!

Wednesday Blues

Today is totally chaotic but still bearable. I can still breathe despite having gone through the heavy downpour when I left the house this morning, add to that the crazy traffic along Buendia, the phone call I received from a company I've been eyeing for internship and future employment, and my stubborn dad not wanting to seek medical help even if he's been having the hiccups for half a day already. Tough day, huh? But I guess it's not so bad. After all, I got myself a new pair of Suelas flats and a diamond peel session. 

This pair made me smile and melted the bad vibes away.
These are the comfiest flats I've ever had. You can even flatten, fold, and roll these shoes so you wont have a hard time packing them in your luggage (I have this problem all the time!) and you can also put them in your carry-all bag if your feet need some rest from your heels. I had a pair of ballet flats before from CMG that you can roll and fold, but my feet would hurt after an hour of walking because of the lining. But this pair looks and feels durable. I will road test this pair when I get back to Taipei, hike all the way from the lower to upper campus. Click the link to know more about Suelas. The shoe bags are made by Gawad Kalinga so each time you buy a pair, you're helping the Gawad Kalinga community.

My skin looks dull recently so I made an appointment with Dr. Six Foronda for a diamond peel. Ate Six is my good friend Kaymee's cousin. Since I'm in Makati Area five times a week, I figured I can pay her a visit in Makati Medical Plaza. Thank you, Ate Six! My face felt immaculately clean after the session.  Visit Dr. Foronda (6F Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Center) in Unit 1411 Medical Plaza Makati and treat yourself to a much-deserved skin pampering. You can call 752-2087 for questions or log on to their website.

For pediatric dermatology concerns, acne flare ups and serious skin problems (allergies, skin asthma etc), you may call 254-7352 for an appointment with Dr. Judy Cuaso. She holds her clinic hours in Metropolitan Hospital or Cardinal Santos Hospital. Dr. Cuaso's my dermatologist for over ten years now (since high school days pa) and she has treated me for major sunburn, allergies and acne. See my previous posts about Tetralysal, she's the one who prescribed this wonder drug.

I'll be passing out in a few minutes. Tata! Thursday, please be kind.

Lola's First Year in Heaven

Dear Lola,

Today marks your first year in heaven. I cant believe how time passes by so fast yet we all have to be grateful that you have been watching over us for one year already. You are the reason why everyone in the family is safe, because we now have an angel from up above. Everytime I walk alone in the crowded streets of Manila, everytime I ride the LRT that takes away my patience, and all those times that I've been alone living in such a faraway place, I feel at peace that someone from heaven is watching and guiding my way.

And because you're there, I think you know how I feel about life now. I'm sorry if I'm disappointing you with all my thoughts. Maybe you've been pinching me hard on the cheek everytime I complain about how hard life is, how I want something to fall into right place instantly. Someone seems to be whispering to me saying I need to be patient, and I know it's you Lola.

Please always remind me that life is not all rainbows and butterflies. Please always be there each time I encounter a storm. Teach me to value the things I have right now and be thankful for them. Help me count my blessings everyday and stop thinking about what life should be. I promise that I will do my best to keep myself grounded and to be reminded of His presence in my life.

You are my angel forever, Lola. It's just your first year in heaven but we'll miss you forever. I cannot imagine not seeing you on your birthday. Thank you for watching over us, especially last year when Auntie suffered seizures. We all knew you were by her side.

I love you and celebrate in heaven as we're celebrating your life here on earth.

Three Weddings and the Homebody

It's just the start of August and already it has been a record breaking week for the twenty-one year old me. I'm happy that I became a part of three beautiful wedding celebrations, a witness of three couples' promise to love each other beyond forever. Congratulations and best wishes to the couples!

I've been struggling with having to wake up early these past week because of my internship schedule. I swear I could have taken another elective but because we weren't informed that we could do so, I ended up registering for it. What I love about the eight to five schedule is that I can go home early, keep myself updated with the news, phone friends, chat and watch some clips. I'm really at my happiest when I'm just at home, bumming around. It's the only two months that I haven't been counting down, so I'll keep it as it is.

Although I'm not feeling well today, maybe because of the everyday traffic and rush hour I have to face, I'd give myself a good sleep, hoping to be okay by tomorrow. It's my lola's special day in heaven tomorrow, she deserves another blog entry.