Wednesday Blues

Today is totally chaotic but still bearable. I can still breathe despite having gone through the heavy downpour when I left the house this morning, add to that the crazy traffic along Buendia, the phone call I received from a company I've been eyeing for internship and future employment, and my stubborn dad not wanting to seek medical help even if he's been having the hiccups for half a day already. Tough day, huh? But I guess it's not so bad. After all, I got myself a new pair of Suelas flats and a diamond peel session. 

This pair made me smile and melted the bad vibes away.
These are the comfiest flats I've ever had. You can even flatten, fold, and roll these shoes so you wont have a hard time packing them in your luggage (I have this problem all the time!) and you can also put them in your carry-all bag if your feet need some rest from your heels. I had a pair of ballet flats before from CMG that you can roll and fold, but my feet would hurt after an hour of walking because of the lining. But this pair looks and feels durable. I will road test this pair when I get back to Taipei, hike all the way from the lower to upper campus. Click the link to know more about Suelas. The shoe bags are made by Gawad Kalinga so each time you buy a pair, you're helping the Gawad Kalinga community.

My skin looks dull recently so I made an appointment with Dr. Six Foronda for a diamond peel. Ate Six is my good friend Kaymee's cousin. Since I'm in Makati Area five times a week, I figured I can pay her a visit in Makati Medical Plaza. Thank you, Ate Six! My face felt immaculately clean after the session.  Visit Dr. Foronda (6F Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Center) in Unit 1411 Medical Plaza Makati and treat yourself to a much-deserved skin pampering. You can call 752-2087 for questions or log on to their website.

For pediatric dermatology concerns, acne flare ups and serious skin problems (allergies, skin asthma etc), you may call 254-7352 for an appointment with Dr. Judy Cuaso. She holds her clinic hours in Metropolitan Hospital or Cardinal Santos Hospital. Dr. Cuaso's my dermatologist for over ten years now (since high school days pa) and she has treated me for major sunburn, allergies and acne. See my previous posts about Tetralysal, she's the one who prescribed this wonder drug.

I'll be passing out in a few minutes. Tata! Thursday, please be kind.


Unknown said...

Nice shoes sis. I also need flat shoes but still looking for a nice design. Flats are good for shopping, so I think it's a must to have at least one pair. Hihi.

Karen said...

aww! i likey! i heart shoes, esp. flats =)

Jamie said...

Can I also go to Dr. Foronda for skin allergies? That's what I need for now. :)