Three Weddings and the Homebody

It's just the start of August and already it has been a record breaking week for the twenty-one year old me. I'm happy that I became a part of three beautiful wedding celebrations, a witness of three couples' promise to love each other beyond forever. Congratulations and best wishes to the couples!

I've been struggling with having to wake up early these past week because of my internship schedule. I swear I could have taken another elective but because we weren't informed that we could do so, I ended up registering for it. What I love about the eight to five schedule is that I can go home early, keep myself updated with the news, phone friends, chat and watch some clips. I'm really at my happiest when I'm just at home, bumming around. It's the only two months that I haven't been counting down, so I'll keep it as it is.

Although I'm not feeling well today, maybe because of the everyday traffic and rush hour I have to face, I'd give myself a good sleep, hoping to be okay by tomorrow. It's my lola's special day in heaven tomorrow, she deserves another blog entry.

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