Halfway Done

Wow. Half a year’s gone. We’re left with six more months to fulfill our goals and resolutions. I know time is ticking, but as much as I want to tick all those checkboxes, I have to constantly remind myself of what truly matters… that sometimes, I can just marvel at the beauty of the sky above, let the moment linger for a bit and just be glad I survived yet another day. 

All too often we get swamped with things that need to be done— office work, errands, life. We forget to nourish ourselves and take care of our core, to be with “our” people, those who fill our life with so much color, to connect always with our faith and the Divine. 

Ahhh things that matter. They usually take a back seat, but now that we’re halfway through, perhaps we can let them take the center stage. 


So much had happened since my last entry. Our office had a short trip to New Delhi, my niece turned one, and my dearest aunt passed away. It was truly a difficult time for the family as my aunt was my mom’s closest sister. I was on the phone with my mom just hours after my aunt passed, and it was heartbreaking to hear sobs and muffled cries. I flew home to be with her, and to thank my aunt for everything, but mostly for her love to my mom and our family. Theirs was a perfect sister/sibling relationship. If one day I’d be blessed with daughters, I pray that they’ll share the same bond that my mom and aunt used to have. 

Happy month of July, everyone! Sending love and gratitude also to those who DM-ed saying the Taipei Series is a big help. I’ll try to write more Taipei guides soon.