A Beautiful Encounter

It was time to face one of my greatest fears. There was no holding back. All those emotions came rushing in, raw and fresh as a slaughtered carcass. The night before was filled with tears, the pain and resentment long gone from my cold heart were knocking once more, but I slammed the door in their faces. There was no point in that anymore, or so I thought. I felt like a little girl, but a rather hopeful one, for someone will finally take time to listen.

I didn't know where to start. I haven't talked to someone like him, but when he reached out his hands, I knew right then it was going to be okay. I wanted to talk for the longest time, but I cannot find the courage to do so. I have always taken comfort of the fact that I'm safe handling my own life's crises and nobody else has to know. But as human beings, there is only so much our human hearts can contain. And so I took that giant leap.

We sat in a couch, facing each other. And like talking to a dear friend I've known for ages, I spoke and emptied my heart. At the back of my head, I was thinking never in my life have I imagined myself doing this. But I knew it was what I needed the most. And I was glad I did it. I talked for more than half an hour, he listened intently without interrupting. A packet of Kleenex after, I let out a big heavy sigh. To which he said, that should have felt good. I laughed because it sure did.

It was his turn, with all my heart and ears, I listened to his wisdom. I was introduced to my inner child, the care that she longs for. I saw images of twenty years ago. And for the first time in my life, I was asked how I felt, of what was inside me. I was grasping for words, but after that big sigh, I was certain I did feel peace.

The whole encounter was beautiful.

In the end, the hug was tight and comforting. I felt healed, blessed, shielded from what is yet to come. And before opening the door and guiding me out, he whispered, there still are beautiful people in the world. My heart smiled.

Kuala Lumpur

Last January, I was lucky enough to chance upon CebPac's piso fare for international flights. For only a little over Php6,000.00, I was able to book two tickets to Malaysia- for my mom and I. Having several months to plan the itinerary, there was "zero" moment of getting lost in downtown KL. It was also the first time that I traveled with my mom, and she trusted me and all other plans I had for this trip. It was a perfect mother-daughter bonding trip, well except for her not having the guts to try and sample spicy local delicacies! Some pictures from the trip:

Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak
Istana Negara, home to Malaysia's king

Petronas Twin Towers

Batu Cave

After climbing a steep flight of 270+ steps, inside the cave