Spring Semester

Bid goodbye to sunny Manila yesterday. I'm back in Taipei for spring semester which starts today till June. I kept on promising myself that I'm not gonna shed a tear at the airport or inside the plane, but I'm really that emotional, as always. Kissed and hugged mom, and when I reached the boarding gate, I was in tears again. I would have wanted to poke my eyes with toothpick just to stop my tears from falling. What added to my raw emotions is knowing that two of the best friends I made here in Taipei is leaving on Friday. I don't know what to say, what to do, what to feel. All I know is that it will never be the same again. But I'm just thinking, it will just be 4 months. 4 months.

My first class wasn't that bad, to think I didn't register for that one and came in few minutes before it started. I'm in the library now and maybe, in the next four months, I'll do all my readings here just because I cant concentrate in my dorm. I can so feel the lonesomeness there. Now back to looking up the assigned reading. I need to keep myself busy.

Cebu and Bohol 2010

Who would have thought that this three-day tour to Cebu and Bohol would push through? I just booked the tickets and reserved the hotel two days before we left. Good thing we had slots. We arrived Cebu on mom's birthday (Feb 17) and rode a ferry to Bohol the day after. We didn't spend the night in Bohol and opted for a day trip, so we were back to Cebu Thursday night.

Auntie Emi, my dad's cousin from the US, has been wanting to tour the place for years now because of the Banana Book I showed to her last time. It didn't disappoint her. She loved the Chocolate Hills, even if we almost dragged her to climb the stairs. It was worthwhile. She loved Cebu's lechon, and the foods we ordered at Golden Courie and Cafe Laguna. Hopefully, we'd be able to schedule a trip to Davao next year, God willing.

She'll be leaving second week of March, but I'm still grateful we were able to catch up and spend some time together in Cebu and Bohol with my mom. It was a blast!

Laughter Over Dinner and Cigs

One month and one week is finally over. I'm just counting the hours until the lovely vacation ends. Well, I'm back to counting down the days until June or July. The coming one hundred and something days will surely be filled with challenges again. Two of my closest friends in Taipei are leaving four days after I arrive and it just breaks my heart. I promised myself to just do things that will make me busy (i.e. hit the gym and read books) and spend more time with my other close friends in class (read: night market trips).

Aside from pms-ing, I'm getting a bit emotional again, that's hormones and reality 101. But on the brighter side of things, I was able to catch up with good old people from college. The dinner we had last February 11 was not that well-planned but it pushed through, with a surprise guest. Even if we had different stories to tell, what meant a lot was the company, the time spent with each other, over dinner, coffee and cigarette butts for others. I missed them a lot that even if we don't talk that often, there is a certain connection that bonds us together.

College was really the best for me that if I were to repeat college all over again, I'd still pick these people as my blockmates.

Beauty and the Blog

Reading beauty blogs has actually become a part of my daily routine. However, I can't still get myself to work on the brushes and blushes. I'm not a make-up kind of girl. I like all things simple. I'm more of a skincare fanatic but I don't like trying so many new products. I'm keen on caring for my skin using only dermatologist-tested-proven-and prescribed products that's why you can't make me buy Pond's or Nivea or any over the counter thingamajigs not unless recommended by a doctor. I can always go out without any make up on and be comfortable that's why regular visits to a dermatologist for me is a must.

When I started reading blogs, I learned the terms highlighter, concealer, liquid eyeliner and whatnot and from then on, I have always looked up to beauty bloggers who continue to inspire women and help prettify themselves. I can just imagine the amount of time and money (cosmetics are not cheap!) these girls spend to share their knowledge to the world, and for that, here's a BIG thank you from one lurker like me! I may not be able to put their writings into application, being the lipgloss-only girl that I am, but I'm still thankful I get to know the newest products on the beauty counter. I would want to start a skincare blog but I am really scared to roadtest different products on my face, so I'd rather write about my derma visits.

Still on beauty- before heading back to the country that will adopt me for a year more, I promised to visit again my derma for another check up. I'd still continue with Galderma's Teteralysal, to be taken every other day and start topical treatment with Galderma's Adapalene cream. If only Galderma's looking for a spokesperson, I could volunteer my services for free (or maybe lifetime supply of their products would be okay, kidding!). Yay, skincare is truly expensive but is well worth the price.

That Time of Year

Been nursing a blogger's block for few days now. My notepad's filled with uncompleted incoherent entries, paragraphs and sentences that need to be patched. Anyhow, I'm now in bed, writing a decent enough entry while watching American Idol.

AI gives me a surge of emotions from all the contestants in all walks of life. From a 16-year old girl with four younger brothers afflicted with down syndrome, to a guy whose wife's water bag just broke and has gone into labor, AI shows what people do for love, their love for music, their love for their families.

And so here we are again in that time of the year when stores are filled with paper hearts, bake shops with heart cakes, and guys carrying bouquets of fresh red roses (in the Philippines this is usually accompanied by a paper bag coming from the ubiquitous Blue Spirit or Bear Cuddler, hah this is so high school) as they profess their love to their one and only.

Over the years, I have been looking for more unique ways on how lovey doveys celebrate this day. I don't have any answer to my question but at least I have some ideas which may come in handy few years from now, you never know. The classic candlelit dinner would always do the trick though. But having had friends with strong committed relationships gave me the chance to witness how cheesy and crazy they can be every Valentines Day.

To the two of my best girl pals, here's to a cheesy valentine's day celebration with your lovies! The dinner with my high school girlfriends last week was enough to compensate for my not-having-a-special-someone to spend the V day with. I have two girl friends for pre-valentines and I'm okay with it, love them both to pieces!

How would I spend this universal heart day? We'd probably have Chinese lunch because Chinese New Year falls on the same day with Valentines, and then I'll be with mom, perhaps turn it into a shopping and pig-out day, and we'll be watching a concert together. That's it, no frills, no cheese. But surprises are always welcome!

College Girlfriends

So I realize I never had the chance to write about my friends and our first getaway of the year. A day after my plane touched down in Manila, I'm back to boarding another plane to my hometown, this time around, with my gal pals from college. It sure was a blast. Bonding moments of sort, except tiring, but filled with lots of talking.

Then again some of the craziest thoughts would enter our minds. Where are the boys? The good boys, do they even exist? We talked about our common friends who have had recent break ups with their boyfriends, whom we thought would march down the aisle because they look as if they'd be with each other forever. So where the heck did forever go?

We're a group of five, but four of us, let us just say, are happy being single, for now. Those are the magic words, "for now." We have been romanticizing about having an ideal guy two years from now, as we have set ourselves a deadline. But whatever or however things would flow, I think we're happy just the five of us. Even if the one has found her one, we're happy for her.

These girls occupy a part of my heart. And another part of my heart would go to my closest friends in high school who I will be having dinner with tonight and who I will be writing about in a few days because I miss them too so so much. I'm so grateful I have such good great best girl friends in the planet. Who needs a guy if you have them right?

Winter Break-Outs

It's just the start of February here in Manila but I can already feel the summer heat. Too bad this time, I cant hit the beach. I would be back in Taipei while people here at home will enjoy basking in the scorching heat of the sun and swimming in the cool waves of the glorious fine white sand beaches. But I'm still enjoying the heat here. I missed this kind of heat, but not the pollution and traffic, factors which I think contributed to the "carry on" of my winter breakouts.

I was in and out of my ever trusted dermatologist's clinic, after almost five months of not seeing her. She prescribed me with a helluva expensive antibacterial capsule (called Tetralysal created by the skincare demigods of Galderma) to stop my glands from producing yucky acne. I can actually feel it working in my third day of taking it. No more new ones popping out. Aside from the oral medication, I also have serum and a topical medication in the form of erythromycin & clindamycin cream. Crossing my fingers! Will go back again next week, hoping that my skin will clear up just before spring season starts.

So aside from my "winter break-out", I'm just basically updating because I've got plenty of time to waste. I was with my good friend Ariane this afternoon for lunch. We talked about life, as usual. It will always be an endless discussion of what to do, where to go. But to wrap up everything, we'll always say, "We'll get there."

I'm loving every minute of every day in this month-long winter break, albeit the break outs. And thank heavens for bb creams. It's a good cover up a day after the torturous facial cleaning. You can find the contact details of my derma, Dr. Judy Cuaso below. I love her cause she's always after a low-key, low-maintenance but highly effective skin care regimen. Pardon my vanity :)

Dr. Judy Cuaso
Metropolitan Hospital 
Room 11
02-254-7352 or 02-254-1111 local 2121