Cebu and Bohol 2010

Who would have thought that this three-day tour to Cebu and Bohol would push through? I just booked the tickets and reserved the hotel two days before we left. Good thing we had slots. We arrived Cebu on mom's birthday (Feb 17) and rode a ferry to Bohol the day after. We didn't spend the night in Bohol and opted for a day trip, so we were back to Cebu Thursday night.

Auntie Emi, my dad's cousin from the US, has been wanting to tour the place for years now because of the Banana Book I showed to her last time. It didn't disappoint her. She loved the Chocolate Hills, even if we almost dragged her to climb the stairs. It was worthwhile. She loved Cebu's lechon, and the foods we ordered at Golden Courie and Cafe Laguna. Hopefully, we'd be able to schedule a trip to Davao next year, God willing.

She'll be leaving second week of March, but I'm still grateful we were able to catch up and spend some time together in Cebu and Bohol with my mom. It was a blast!

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