Being Martha

Move over Martha Stewart, someone might just snatch your throne.

Living alone means doing everything alone- from cleaning, doing the laundry, to people's most abhorred chore, ironing. I swear I long for the days when I just come out of my room and say "Manang, paki press naman" but here in my side of the world, that is a luxury I cannot afford. Ironing is a once-in-two-weeks chore; part of my so- called journey to domesticity.

Months after purchasing my steam iron, I finally found time to go through the user's manual and test how the steam setting works. I'm fine with just the regular hot iron but it has always intrigued me as to how steam ironing differs from the usual.

During the first try,  I poured water inside the iron and turned it on. To my horror, the water leaked out of the iron and my board was totally soaked. I did it twice, but nothing changed. A few months later, after some online research, I read from somewhere that to prevent water from leaking, the iron should be extremely hot for it to do its magic.

And so  I gave it a try. I poured water and waited for maybe a minute or two, or until the light went off, signaling that the iron is hot and ready. I started with my dark-washed jeans. The iron glided so smoothly, I didn't even have to iron the same part twice. I tried it on a couple of tops, and I love how soft they turned out. Oftentimes, when you iron clothes, they tend to feel tight- and rough in the case of jeans- but with steam ironing, it feels light and clean. Ironing time is also cut into half! (Now I sound like an ad.)

These are just some of my little discoveries as I try to live a domesticated life. The only thing lacking before I totally dethrone Martha is the scent of apples and cinnamon baking in the oven- but I do have to buy an oven first, or have a proper kitchen at least. 

For now I'm just happy with being a domestic-goddess in the making, learning to master a chore- one step at a time.

What are you thankful for?

Each morning I wake up and try to let go of yesterday. I whisper a prayer of praise and thanksgiving, for allowing me to live yet another day. I do have a long list of things to be thankful for, but in prayers, I keep it simple by saying thank You for everything- for all that I am, for all that I have.

An article written by the Associated Press says giving thanks or showing your gratitude can be healthy. Psych professors that were interviewed for the story tell readers that simple gratitude makes people happier and gives off an "incredible" feeling. It also serves as a "stress buffer" because grateful people are less likely to feel anger and unpleasant emotions.

So as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, sans turkey and cranberry gravy here in the Orient, I will recall some things, people and experiences which I have been grateful for the past months.

For finishing graduate school on time and under full scholarship. It has long been a promise between me and myself that I wouldn't spend a single cent to go to grad school, and I'm thankful it happened.

For a job that is stable and pays for my bills. I do not have a reason to stay here in Taipei without a full-time job, and for that I am truly grateful.

For nice colleagues who treat me as a local. Sure we've all heard of nightmare stories on horrible office mates and bosses, but I feel just at ease with them (I do hope they feel the same way too, if bribing them with Marty's chicharon and Nagaraya would do the trick haha!)

For people who have helped me adjust in this new phase. The transition from being a student to being a part of the working class is not easy. More so moving in/out of apartments and getting sick. After finishing school, I didn't know there would be people who would care to check on me once in a while.

For whoever invented Skype. Skype makes cold lonely nights bearable when I spend long hours talking to friends online. It also bridges the distance between me, my parents and my brothers, which eventually inspired me to write a thesis on mothering online.

For all the pains, problems, persecutions. I never thought the song that goes "You made me stronger by breaking my heart" would hit home, in a not so love-related kind of way. Well, maybe yes-- love in a greater scheme. 

For the presence of friends. That even though half of my heart longs for them, it makes me happy knowing nothing has ever changed in our years or decades of friendship despite being miles away.

For my family who have always made me feel loved no matter what. I have become strong, remembering all those nights that I cried myself to sleep. I learned the value of faith- in just about everything.

For Him, who will always be there, beyond forever.

How about you, what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lovers' Tower

It's not yet Valentine's Day. There are no heart-shaped balloons, fancy bouquets made of Ferrero, nor corny love songs playing in the air. However, despite Valentine's Day being four months away, I think I just found a perfect place where lovers can spend their evening together on that most expensive time of the year (yes, more expensive than Christmas, I reckon).

Welcome to Lovers' Tower, where not only lovers, but people whom I prefer to call as "single entities" can enjoy the breathtaking night scenery of Taipei. Located 45 minutes away from downtown Taipei area, Fullon Hotel's Lovers' Tower is a new tourist attraction that is yet to be discovered. You step into a ride, something similar to a cable car- only bigger and round, with a sitting capacity of maybe 50 to 60- and it takes you to the top of the 100-meter observatory tower.

This ride is not for the faint-hearted and people suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights). But yeah, it may help if you put your arms around that person you're with. Just be sure you're putting your arms around the right person, because they dim the lights once you start your way up.

I think it is more recommended to visit Lovers' Tower at night time so you can also take a glimpse of the Lover's Bridge (without taking the ridiculously-priced mini-ferry ride). I swear I do not know what is wrong with this place that they name everything with the word "Lovers." Taipei is not the most romantic place on earth, I kid you not.

Although we came without our lovers, the three of us enjoyed the panoramic view! It's worth taking a trip here if you are visiting Taipei. Other places around the area that you could also visit would include Danshui old streets and Fisherman's wharf. 

Forever Friends

Xinyi Area and Ximending

Newly-renovated Ming Yao and Danshui

Ten years ago, in a room situated in the corner of our high school building (that odd room with windows always wide-open you can smell the reeking scent of unwashed humanity), I was seated beside a girl whose baon would consist of an assortment of veggies (usually broccoli) and burnt hotdogs. Seated behind me was a shy, quiet girl who, ironically, would receive roses and chocolates even on an ordinary day. I was not the friendliest girl then, but thanks to my myopia, I became instant friends with the girls who would willingly lend me their notes because I can barely see what is written on the blackboard. I owe my fond high school memories, most especially Physics tutor classes, to these girls.

Years later, we were separated in college, despite having promised the "broccoli"girl that we will both take up medicine and pursue my dream of becoming a pediatrician one day (epic fail). With busy university lives, we managed to keep our friendship by going out during semester breaks, even if that means meeting in Ongpin, because after all, we're Binondo girls!

Had I taken another degree, or went to some other path, I don't think the friendship I have with Monica (then broccoli girl, now Dra. Madera) and Monnette (then shy girl, now Excess Super--- oops typo hahaha---, now a sassy professional working in Citi Group) would ever be the same. They have already visited me twice here in Taipei, when I was still a graduate student, and now that I'm already working.

They booked their October trip June of this year, without having the slightest idea that I will find a job here in Taipei right after graduation.

The pictures are some of my favorite shots taken with my trusty Lumix and tripod. It's funny how people giggle at the sight of me tinkering with the camera and setting the tripod. You can even hear them say "好棒喔!" (Amazing!)

Thank you for always being there, in BBM, online, text, anywhere, anytime. I love you girls so much!

For a Legend

My draft paper and the actual paper for Oct. 7.

Here I am writing a little something for that genius of a man who was the brain behind my five-year old white Macbook. Steven Paul Jobs changed the world. He changed people's lives. His legacy will remain forever, in our fingertips, in our ears, in our hearts, in our every day. He created an avenue for all people, young and old, to have a taste of the latest innovation. I almost lost track of all 'technological advancements' but I make sure I try to catch up. My iPod nano and first generation iPod with video are still with me, working perfectly. Thank you, Steve, for a Job very well done. Now time for some creativity there in heaven!

I was in charge of our paper's tribute page to Steve Jobs. After sorting a pile (gazillion) of photos, I came up with this layout, with articles varying from Reuters, AP and AFP. I must say, today's paper is one of the neatest we had since I started working. This is for a legend.

"Here’s to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." Steven Paul Jobs, 1955-2011

Happy Twenty-three

Tiramisu Bday Cake from Beata Te'

I wrote last year that my 22nd birthday was the last birthday that I'm going to celebrate here in Taipei. But lo and behold, God works in mysterious ways. I'm still here; still learning how to go through each day with a big heart and a giant faith.

Now that I'm 23, I can truly attest that the most important lessons are not taught in even the most prestigious university. The values and principles I uphold come from the school of life.

We live not with huge amount of money or any material things, but we survive by having the capability to discern what is right from wrong. All these ideals spring from our daily lived experiences- successes, obstacles, pains, failures and disappointments.

In this 23 years of existence, I have always known that I don't and I won't have everything in life, but I know for a fact that the people I have in my life now are the best blessings from the highest heavens, and to me they already are my everything.

There is so much more to learn, so many places in the world I want to see, and the best motivation for me is to never stop dreaming, praying, and yes… working (hahaha!)


There are days when I complain that I don't get enough sleep. But not today. I slept from 12 midnight and woke up at 11 in the morning. Dragged my still sleepy self to the bathroom then checked emails. I ran downstairs to buy something for lunch because I know by around 12 noon, people will be lining up in all restaurants, including 7-Eleven and Family Mart. I bought some beef rice and a fruit box. I realized I haven't had fruits lately. Back home, my mom would always have  a stock of grapes, oranges, pomelos and all other fruits in the fridge. Swear she'd pity me when she sees the fridge here.

And so I had my lunch and... I went to bed again. For another hour and a half. I'm such a bum during my off days. I put it on the schedule to clean on Thursday night so I can rest and do whatever I want on a Friday. I think I showered at 4pm and went out of the house before 5. I met with my friend Erica and bummed around city hall. The European-inspired mall Bella Vita have some event going on, we were curious so we went in, hence the picture with the teacups. We were both amused with the huge cups and ran when saw one cup vacant. Bella Vita is one of the many malls here in Taipei where you cant really buy a single thing because it's all branded, you wont even have the courage to go inside the boutiques and look around.

Another mall of that level would be Taipei 101. But Taipei 101 has a food court which still makes it friendly to the middle-class people like us (hahah). We had some cold as ice Hainanese chicken for dinner, and a very disappointing, not to mention pricey, green tea with Yakult drink. 50Lan would always be my favorite. And then we headed home before 8. Good boring girls like us dont like noisy bars and night life.  

So because I had 13 hours of sleep, I don't feel like dozing off any time soon. Half past one in the morning and I'm still online. The other day, I was having the worst period cramps and I found myself inside the bathroom at 2am, trying to do a hot compress with the help of a face towel and really hot water from the faucet, which eventually worked. The pain was excruciating, plus the migraine yesterday. Gaaaah. These are the times when you don't want to be alone (when I say alone, I mean living alone). I had throbbing migraine this morning, I woke up at 5am just to pop two capsules of Advil with an empty stomach, is that even good? Anyway, I'm still alive. Coping.

And after writing three paragraphs and playing Adele on iTunes, I'm still full of energy. I need to sleep to feel really well-rested again. Sorry, this is me bumming.

Life Now

This time last year, I just moved in to my new place (a service apartment as my friend used to say), busying myself with concept maps, thesis consultations and writing endless drafts.

This time this year, I'm adjusting (now a bit well-adjusted) to my new place, new work, new life.

I see it as a routine now. Getting up late in the morning, skyping with mom, although sometimes I end up staring at the screen because we both have nothing to say. Then I would eat a not-so healthy breakfast that consists of water, milk, or iced coffee, and an assortment of bread. Still with the Skype on, I take a shower and my mom waits for me. I get ready for work, dry my hair, the works.

If I wake up extra early, I still make it to the noon mass at the church nearby. Otherwise, I hurry to the office and grab anything at the healthy buffet for lunch.

Working as an editor means being in charge of several pages or sections of the newspaper. For me, I treat my pages as my babies. You take care of the news and choose what's best for those pages assigned to you. You read and re-read, re-write. You choose pictures that elicit emotions. It involves a lot of patience and energy because you deal with deadlines by the hour.

Break time is at dinner time,  although it may also be spent wisely by reading proofs (or in my case, watching Grey's and DC Cupcakes in the office cafeteria haha!). When the paper comes out the following day, keep your fingers crossed, it's time to pray, panic and scramble for all the possible errors and wish that you still have a job the next day.  That's life now. It's September, so time to start my countdown to December (and ze birthday!) :)

Eat, Pray, Love Life (US Ed.)

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote, "To find the balance you want, this is what you must become. You must keep your feet grounded so firmly on the earth that it's like you have four legs instead of two. That way, you can stay in the world. But you must stop looking at the world through your head. You must look through your heart instead. That way, you will know God."

The recent trip I had to the US opened my eyes, that life can be just so unfair but it can still be beautiful, if we decide to accept and live with the everyday reality. My heart was bursting with emotions before leaving- pain, joy, gladness, gratitude, disappointment, weariness. But all these melted and now I find myself at a steady pace, living each day one moment at a time.

I ate, I prayed, I loved. I enjoyed my vacation with my brother who I haven't seen for one year and seven months, my aunt who is so dear to me, and her family, with my cousins, friends, and with myself. The whole time I was having a conversation with myself in my head, on where the road has taken me, on where I'm headed, on God's plan. It feels nice to be at peace, away from all the worries, even if it's only for a couple of weeks, and to surround yourself with love from special people in your life.

And now some pictures during my own Liz Gilbert moment.

Happy Girl

This girl is beyond blessed.
My absence in the blogosphere means that I'm stuck in the labyrinth of life and buried under its complexities. Now that I'm back home for a few days, I have the luxury of time to blog about my recent adventures.

My life was never eventful. Make it into a story, or a movie, and perhaps you will doze off after three minutes. I'm your typical Filipino-Chinese girl who has overprotective parents and lives a very sheltered life. Back in high school, it was just school-house-school-house routine, except for the usual merienda breaks in many fast-food chains near school or my weeknights spent at tutorial classes for deadly Physics  class. In college, I did the same. School has always been the top priority. I didn't do parties and other extra curricular stuff that would eat up my time (except for the campus ministry). The goal was to be on the dean's list every semester and to finish with honors. I didn't fret much because I have my best group of friends in the university. We did the same things together. Boring. But this was pre-Taiwan, circa 2001 to 2008.

I experienced a major life makeover in 2009. I journeyed alone in the land of xiao long bao and spent the first month crying myself to sleep. Two years after, I found myself enjoying the convenience of practically all things in Taipei. And little did I know that God was brewing up something for me. Who would have thought that I will end up extending my stay in my adoptive land? And this is how my life became a tiny bit exciting.

Before I finished writing my thesis, I went to some interviews and ended up in a trial period of one company. I didn't really expect good results because the main objective was just to try it out, pass or fail, without really considering to extend. I prayed so hard for strength and guidance for me to perform well because apparently, (and this is a rare case for me) I like the work so much. I started working after I defended my thesis and thus the start of the most agonizing week in my entire existence.

I was thinking whether I'd be able to get the job or not. I prayed for God to just take me wherever He wants and I will just follow. I think I was really praying hard to our mother and to my patron saint, St. Therese, that I once saw myself in my own dream, still praying. Scary I know, but that is me when Im trying to overcome anxiety.Two weeks after the trial period, I was told that I'm officially hired. My heart was literally jumping up and down. The next thing up on the list is to find an apartment. I was dreading this one. How the heck will I look for an apartment in a foreign land-- without my parents?

"Freaking out" is an understatement. I experienced major palpitations while browsing housing websites. To sum up, I visited a total of 10 houses, and called maybe 20 landlords. It was the adventure of a lifetime and I kid you not. I have two Taiwanese friends who did most of the calling. They printed out the maps and accompanied me to each house. I was already crying last week because I cannot find a place that I really want. And then as always, God moves in mysterious ways.

On Friday (July 1), my friend and I visited the last place on the paper. This should be okay, my friend said. I just sighed and hoped for the best. We went and met the landlord, a couple in their late 50s. They are really nice. I felt the need to decide right then and there because I will be going home for a short while and I wanted to be settled after I get back. I confirmed the next day. The room has nice furniture, and the landlord is an important factor for me. However the problem is that I have no friend available to come with me for the contract signing scheduled for Monday.

I can read Chinese but not a contract in full Chinese. I was thinking who to call for help and I thought of my Chinese teacher who has always offered help in everything. She gladly said yes and she went with me yesterday. I don't even know how to thank her anymore. Everything fell into place because of her. She did all the talking with the landlord, she explained the contract to me. She haggled for the rent. Everything. I did nothing but listen and sign the papers.

This is how blessed I am. This is how eventful my life is today. I know this will be a one big transition again but I am ready to embrace it, with God's grace. I believe there is magic in my every day. We spent the whole morning yesterday in the new flat for the contract, then I worked in the afternoon until 9 in the evening, finally moved my stuff in my new room at around 11, back in my friend's place where I spent the previous nights to pack my things for today's flight. I slept at around 3am, my heart still filled with gratitude.

I really cannot imagine how the contract signing would go without my teacher. She managed to talk to the landlord and let me take the nicer room, to add more stuff and do some fixing. I left Taiwan with a huge smile and peace of mind this afternoon.

I was also thankful that my cousins came right in time for a visit. They rescued me in all of my life's stress and pressure. They spent three days in Taipei and ate and ate and ate. It was so nice to be with them again after how many years. I think we should do it more often, before we become old and busy with our lives. Motto: Xiao long bao everyday, everyday okay!

Our xiao long bao love affair.

My thesis writing finally came to an end. I have yet to make a list of people to thank, those who made this project possible, most especially people who gave moral support when I was on the brink of giving up. And because I'm such a fan girl, I had my book signed from the author of my thesis bible.

Fan girl mode: ON

Finish Line

It was all blood, sweat and tears, a lot of tears.

Till the very end, Yihui and I counted down to graduation.

Blessings. Forever indebted to Auntie Josie. 

I have some more revisions for my thesis but yes, I graduated last June 4, 2011, Master of Arts in International Communication Studies. I offer everything to Him, for all the blessings, for all people He sends to guide and light my way.

Growing Up

Papa in his recent trip to Taipei. I love how carefree and youthful he looks in this picture.

Capped off a beautiful night at the Yang Ming Mountain with Papa's "bebe."

Earlier this night I had one of those talks with my dad. After putting down the phone, I realized how grown up I have become, but then deep inside I still feel like a silly little girl who cries each time she gets fed up, stressed out, and does not know what to do. It was just so comforting to hear my dad speak to me about his worries. Those things he never told me before. It was also enlightening at the same time as he had directed me onto which path I should take and to be sure of the decisions I make. My heart finally sank when I heard him say he knows we will not see each other often as we want to, but I felt at ease because he is certain that I'm on the right track.

There are so many decisions I have made in the past. I don't know if they were right or they were wrong. All I know is that from all those decisions, I was able to get to where I am now. It has always been one of the daunting tasks to do- deciding. I turn to my rosaries to keep me company and take away my fears. I have no idea where everything will lead. Try to break open my head now and you will definitely see thought bubbles swimming around: a bubble for thesis, for defense, for graduation, for career, for family, for friends, for God, for all things worth thinking of.

Sometimes I do get tired of thinking. I want to snap out of reality and cast myself adrift in a sea of illusions. Daydreaming is fun but I hope it would be considered normal for daydreams to last for hours. But then I would not grow up and know the harsh realities of life if all I keep doing is to lock myself up in a roomful of fantasies. Just few days ago I was warming my hands with a mug of green tea latte in a nice coffee shop along Shida. I was soaking wet from the rain and nothing else could warm my dead tired spirit but a nice matcha. I started daydreaming, accompanied by some soulful jazz, and then suddenly I found myself in tears. That is what happens when you spend so much time alone. You grow weary. Over time I have been unlearning to wallow in self-pity. It is hard but I need to grow up. And I think tonight I just made my dad realize that I'm old enough to decide, but not yet too old for some good advice and guidance.

Half of me cannot wait for the new chapter to begin, but the other half is still in denial that two years have come and gone, and that Master's degree I was just aiming for few years back, will now be conferred to me in a few weeks' time.

Life is fast. I'm talking to my twenty-two year old self now, and maybe the next thing I know, the forty-year old me would be reading this blog and laughing at all the foolishness of my growing up years. By that time, I hope there would have been a mini me to share the wonderful lessons of life with.

These are scattered thoughts in my head before hitting the sack on a Manic Monday.

Happy Easter!

For giving me the life I live,
For blessing me with people to love and care,
For happiness, sadness, failures and successes,
For mercy and forgiveness,
For forever and beyond,

Thank You for dying and rising again.

Happy Easter!


Today is one of those pleasant afternoons where I enjoy sipping some warm latte in the al fresco lounge of our cafeteria. I've spent many a time spring of last year here at the same spot, just staring at the sky and marveling at the beauty of life. Isn't it nice to reflect and keep your mind off things for a while?

It always makes me wonder how people like me cannot settle and enjoy a short moment, as if everyday is a thrill waiting to be experienced. I'll be soon over and done with my own thrills and adventures. I want to take myself out there, to the real world that consumes almost everyone- where the only thing that matters is making a living and living a life.

Something deep within is asking me a question. I spent days and nights thinking of the what ifs. I let myself drown in a sea of thoughts, of endless conversations in my head. I end up falling into a slumber, hoping that in my dreams, there is the answer.

Life is simple. I just make it too complicated. I enjoy moments like this, having all the time in the world to dilly dally. Life is too beautiful to be wasted on doubts, fears and anger.

Oh No, It's April?!

Hey ho! It's April 1st today! Where did the first quarter of the year go? It felt like I slept through the entire month of February and March. I don't really have much time to sit down in front of my laptop and write something about how life's treating me, so here goes my post that will hopefully make up for my 2-month absence in the blogging world.

For starters, I'm back in Taipei. I arrived last week of February just in time for enrollment and course registration. Then, I flew back home again after a week to be with mom for our trip to HK. It's been quite a while since the two of us spent real quality mother-daughter bonding time. Each time I go back, my vacation feels really short. I make sure though that I don't sleep in my own room just to be with her. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and find her arms wrapped around me. It feels so nice to wake up in her embrace, after not seeing her for months.

Perhaps this is the main reason why I have some apprehensions about leaving and working from afar. I'm at the crossroads lately because I don't know how to plan. Nevertheless, I seek God's guidance every day for the next step, the next plan, the next destination. I'll go wherever He wants me to go. Thing is, I cant stop being a worrywart. My mind's always afloat when I think of things like these. I try my best to reflect at night and unload all my worries. I like to savor the quiet of the night, just thinking of all the blessings I receive and saying my thanks through prayers. After all, what matters most I think, is that I wake up each day, I live the moment, and I let Him take care of the rest.

My good friends also came over to visit me last Feb and March. Monnette, my close friend from highschool went with her sister. Ate Lisette and Kuya Ryx from college took a break from their work and I brought them around the city. Kaymee and her mom will be here end of April, and my dad next week! Cant wait to give him a taste of my life here. He's the one pushing me to stay here but… that I'll have to think about. 
The weather's pretty difficult to deal with nowadays. Winter's over but we still get 10-12 degree cold weather from time to time, with occasional rain. I hate it because it makes me feel so gloomy. I sent some of my winter jackets because I think spring will start early... but no. It's summer at home and I can almost smell the beach and sunscreen lotion.

On other stuff, I'm almost done with my intensive interviews. I promised my adviser to turn in my first draft of the discussion part after spring break. Yes, we have spring break. Some people asked me about my plans for the short vacation. I have plans- to stay in my room and write. I need motivation and not vacation at this point. And I figured out I've had enough of that last year. I started my "be motivated" scheme by waking up before the break of dawn and sleeping at around 9pm. It's refreshing. I write more coherent sentences when the world is quiet. Hay. Thesis the life, they say. Back to work.

Tata for now.

Adventures in China

Bea and I mustered enough courage and braved the cold in Beijing and Shanghai for some well-deserved r&r. We visited majestic historical places and THE great wall of China. Climbing the great wall has been a long-time dream of mine. And finally, in a freaking 9 degrees below zero temperature, my childhood dream became reality. No longer just images printed in Chinese books and history materials. I shivered in the cold but I saw the greatness that is THE great wall. Places visited include Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Wang Fu Jing, Great Wall, Bird's Nest, Water Cube, Ming Tombs, Guo Lin Peking Duck and other malls.

Two things about Beijing: The rush of humanity begins when the clock strikes eight and five (think Manila MRTx10). Spitting anywhere "and or" expelling substances out of people's esophagus is considered a norm.

Shanghai, on the other hand must have been one of the most beautiful cities I've seen. It's so beautiful that the word is just an understatement. We took the sleeper train from Beijing to Shanghai. We spent two days and one night here, visiting only The Bund, Nanjing East, Yu Yuan and Xindiandi. Everyday was labeled xiao long bao day. Shanghai's European architecture swept me off my feet.

We may both seem crazy in planning our trip to China in winter but we just want to escape the humdrum life in the tropics. It was nice roaming around unfamiliar streets and taking time to talk and sometimes enjoying the silence in the cold.

Take advantage of every seat sale that Cebu Pacific has. Sign up and follow them in their Twitter accounts for latest updates. We also booked cheap hostels for a reasonable and budget-friendly trip. For first timers in China, getting a visa may be a bit tedious. I just turned 22 so they required a personal appearance. Add to that the Php 50,000.00 you need to have in your bank account. But other than that, if you get the visa, you'll enjoy China!!!


The sun has set. The year is done. I am just excited thinking about my dreams to be fulfilled and prayers that will be answered in this year to come. 2011 will be kind and fabulous to everyone.