Being Martha

Move over Martha Stewart, someone might just snatch your throne.

Living alone means doing everything alone- from cleaning, doing the laundry, to people's most abhorred chore, ironing. I swear I long for the days when I just come out of my room and say "Manang, paki press naman" but here in my side of the world, that is a luxury I cannot afford. Ironing is a once-in-two-weeks chore; part of my so- called journey to domesticity.

Months after purchasing my steam iron, I finally found time to go through the user's manual and test how the steam setting works. I'm fine with just the regular hot iron but it has always intrigued me as to how steam ironing differs from the usual.

During the first try,  I poured water inside the iron and turned it on. To my horror, the water leaked out of the iron and my board was totally soaked. I did it twice, but nothing changed. A few months later, after some online research, I read from somewhere that to prevent water from leaking, the iron should be extremely hot for it to do its magic.

And so  I gave it a try. I poured water and waited for maybe a minute or two, or until the light went off, signaling that the iron is hot and ready. I started with my dark-washed jeans. The iron glided so smoothly, I didn't even have to iron the same part twice. I tried it on a couple of tops, and I love how soft they turned out. Oftentimes, when you iron clothes, they tend to feel tight- and rough in the case of jeans- but with steam ironing, it feels light and clean. Ironing time is also cut into half! (Now I sound like an ad.)

These are just some of my little discoveries as I try to live a domesticated life. The only thing lacking before I totally dethrone Martha is the scent of apples and cinnamon baking in the oven- but I do have to buy an oven first, or have a proper kitchen at least. 

For now I'm just happy with being a domestic-goddess in the making, learning to master a chore- one step at a time.

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DN Dee said...

Oh, chores. hahaha! Pinakahate ko manual dish washing. As in! :))