Thank You

I opened my planner. Stared blankly at the last few pages for the month of December. Then flipped through the first page, a calendar for 2009-2010. I wrote down my goals, the things I would want to accomplish for next year. I realized I did exactly the same thing the previous year. And what struck me is that whatever I have written down, God made a way and led me to the path I want. I'm still holding on to my faith that next year would be the same, He will shed light and help me find my way.

Thank You for being my companion, for being my source of strength. At night when I'm alone, who do I talk to? No one but You. Thank You for making me strong and independent. You take away my sadness. In my conversations with You, I am relieved that everything will be okay. If I don't have this faith I have now, I would have put everything down and surrendered. Thank You for the kind of relationship I have with my family and with my friends. I sometimes think about the things I do to deserve all Your goodness. But please, don't stop being there for me. I can't do this alone. Thank You and I can't wait to be with You in that another phase of my life that I'm dreaming of. We will do it slowly, as You have always done. I have learned through these experiences that setbacks are natural part of life and so I know now how to manage it. Thank you for everything. My heart, my faith, they all belong to You.

Post Midterms Hurrah

Would like to share this to you! The picture above is one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have tasted. Not that I'm a huge fan of grilled cheese, or any cheese. I just love the hot of the grill taste of the bread plus the super gooey cheese filling.

Oops. It's been awhile now. See the picture above with my love? I have finally found love in Taipei. Love, love has come my way haha. I guess this is what graduate studies do to me. It drives me nuts. Haven't been updating lately. I have a lot of free time but due to unforeseen events, like waking up late during my free days because of the really crazy cold weather, I end up not accomplishing any single thing. No, seriously, I opt to read materials for school than spending time thinking of what to write. I always try to be the productive me during school days. I'm just lazy at times to write and update, so here we go.

Midterms is finally over. I did some presentation for my Comm Theories class, an examination for Research Methods and some papers and proposals for the upcoming finals. The only thing that bothers me here is the amount of reading materials we have to go through each week. Devastating, I say. Sometimes I bring the readings on my way to Church, on Sunday, since it takes around 15 to 20 minutes for me to reach there. I feel restless and sleepy every time I read in my room, I don't know why. But nonetheless, everything's a okay this semester. Looking forward to the next one. I cant actually wait for the course list next semester. I'm taking another 12 credits, which means that I only have 8 credits left. I wonder if I really can finish it in one and a half years. I'm positive though. Lord, I really want to land on a good job after this one.

December is fast approaching, so is Christmas, and New Year. It's my first time that I didn't get a Starbucks Planner Sticker card. My brother is doing it for me though, and according to mom, the acclaimed planner is now sitting on my table at home. Yaaay! Want to scribble on it now! Anyoo, I still can't believe I'm celebrating Christmas and New Year without my family, without my mom's Chicken Salad and my Aunt's embotido and fruit salad. But most importantly, this coming New Year would be the first time that we'd be celebrating the birthday of my lola, without her. I hope there's a party in heaven though. My lolo might be so excited to celebrate with her. Rest in peace, lola.

As for our celebration here, we're thinking of celebrating New Year's eve in a hotel, somewhere with a kitchen so we can cook and relax in uber soft pillows and bed. And for Christmas, we might go out of Taipei. Nothing's definite yet.

By the way, happy thanksgiving! I'm sure all of us has something to be thankful for this year and for the rest of our lives. Relaxing in bed now listening to music :)