Happy 2018!

Happy New Year!

I hope it's not yet too late to write a NY-look-back-to-the-year-that-was post. I don't have much time to gather my thoughts lately. If I do have the time, I would usually just do it in bed with my eyes closed until I fall asleep. I divide my time between work and fun, but by the time I get to the 'fun' part, I find myself so tired to even do anything.

BUT that was last year... the busiest year I've ever had. It was eventful (especially if you count the number of weddings I attended, we'll get to that later), fulfilling in so many aspects and very much life changing.

I spent January of last year with my family then flew to Japan with my Linguang friends in February. My colleague and I attended a training in Seoul in late March, and bonded with Monnette when she visited Taipei in April. Two of my closest friends had their ting hun or engagement ceremony in May so I flew home, and we finally completed our mini home renovation around June.

I submitted all requirements for my new job in Manila mid-July and told my friends that I will be leaving Taiwan soon. I started packing 8 years of my life in boxes, resigned from my job, said goodbye and landed Manila in August, just in time for my friend Hana's wedding. I started with my new role in mid-August then another good friend of mine, Sharie, got married in September. I celebrated my birthday in Manila again after 8 long years, and busied myself organizing bridal showers of my college and high school best friends Joy and Monica, from November to December.

At first I wasn't too excited for the coming year. I felt terribly uninspired. But after spending time with my family and relatives, celebrating milestones with my closest friends, and praying in that beautiful chapel sitting atop a hill in a small Cagayan town, my emotional and spiritual tanks are now overflowing. Year 2018, bring it on :)

(Photos from Joy and Monica's bridal shower and wedding)