One Friend Less

Mylyn's last Sunday in Taipei spent on an eating spree

Chillin' in Maokong 

In the coming weeks and months (and maybe year/s) to come, I'd be one friend less. After three months of studying Mandarin, Mylyn (the sister of my close friend Monnette) will be going home on Friday. 'Going home' for her means going back to normal life- working, surviving Manila traffic, and being with the love of her life (that's apart from her family), and who knows, maybe starting a 'new life' soon but not too soon!

Sundays have been a lot more fun when Mylyn came late February. We would have lunch with another church friend before I head to work. She is way past "discovering herself" stage and is just enjoying every moment of independence she has here. The kind of lifestyle in Taipei where you just take the MRT or bus while flipping through pages of a book is something Metro Manila cannot offer. I believe it has been a good experience for her, and bringing her to some of my favorite places in campus and restaurants, including grocery shopping, has been rewarding for me. I'd be missing having a friend to text (I dont text a lot of people ever since I moved here), or someone to look forward to having lunch with during Sundays, but it will be nice to see Mylyn back to her "regular" programming- steady and all :)

Speaking of friends, my high school friend Lorraine was here in Taipei. Although the weather was truly unbearable with the nonstop rain, nothing beats catching up and reminiscing the good old days with somebody you've known for quite sometime.

Lor has been working for three years, and I'm on my third year here in Taiwan. You get the picture. She kept on asking don't I ever get lonely, or when do I plan to go back home. To her questions, I have no answer. But it'll be soon :) I have no idea what the Boss Up There is planning.

With Lor, chatting over potstickers and xiao long bao

Happy Mother's Day!

The world may turn its back on us, our friends may betray us, our relationships may fall apart, but there will always be this one person in the planet who will never stop from loving us- our mother.

I do pray that someday I'd be able to nurture my own children the same way my mom did to me and my brothers. I figured the "mommy" role only lasts until teenage years. When we're all grown up and mature enough to know right from wrong,  mom becomes your consultant, counselor, chat mate, text mate, dinner date, movie date, and best-est friend.

We love you, ma!  We are so blessed to have such a caring and loving (and yes 'nagging') mother. Happy mother's day!