Happy Easter!

For giving me the life I live,
For blessing me with people to love and care,
For happiness, sadness, failures and successes,
For mercy and forgiveness,
For forever and beyond,

Thank You for dying and rising again.

Happy Easter!


Today is one of those pleasant afternoons where I enjoy sipping some warm latte in the al fresco lounge of our cafeteria. I've spent many a time spring of last year here at the same spot, just staring at the sky and marveling at the beauty of life. Isn't it nice to reflect and keep your mind off things for a while?

It always makes me wonder how people like me cannot settle and enjoy a short moment, as if everyday is a thrill waiting to be experienced. I'll be soon over and done with my own thrills and adventures. I want to take myself out there, to the real world that consumes almost everyone- where the only thing that matters is making a living and living a life.

Something deep within is asking me a question. I spent days and nights thinking of the what ifs. I let myself drown in a sea of thoughts, of endless conversations in my head. I end up falling into a slumber, hoping that in my dreams, there is the answer.

Life is simple. I just make it too complicated. I enjoy moments like this, having all the time in the world to dilly dally. Life is too beautiful to be wasted on doubts, fears and anger.

Oh No, It's April?!

Hey ho! It's April 1st today! Where did the first quarter of the year go? It felt like I slept through the entire month of February and March. I don't really have much time to sit down in front of my laptop and write something about how life's treating me, so here goes my post that will hopefully make up for my 2-month absence in the blogging world.

For starters, I'm back in Taipei. I arrived last week of February just in time for enrollment and course registration. Then, I flew back home again after a week to be with mom for our trip to HK. It's been quite a while since the two of us spent real quality mother-daughter bonding time. Each time I go back, my vacation feels really short. I make sure though that I don't sleep in my own room just to be with her. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and find her arms wrapped around me. It feels so nice to wake up in her embrace, after not seeing her for months.

Perhaps this is the main reason why I have some apprehensions about leaving and working from afar. I'm at the crossroads lately because I don't know how to plan. Nevertheless, I seek God's guidance every day for the next step, the next plan, the next destination. I'll go wherever He wants me to go. Thing is, I cant stop being a worrywart. My mind's always afloat when I think of things like these. I try my best to reflect at night and unload all my worries. I like to savor the quiet of the night, just thinking of all the blessings I receive and saying my thanks through prayers. After all, what matters most I think, is that I wake up each day, I live the moment, and I let Him take care of the rest.

My good friends also came over to visit me last Feb and March. Monnette, my close friend from highschool went with her sister. Ate Lisette and Kuya Ryx from college took a break from their work and I brought them around the city. Kaymee and her mom will be here end of April, and my dad next week! Cant wait to give him a taste of my life here. He's the one pushing me to stay here but… that I'll have to think about. 
The weather's pretty difficult to deal with nowadays. Winter's over but we still get 10-12 degree cold weather from time to time, with occasional rain. I hate it because it makes me feel so gloomy. I sent some of my winter jackets because I think spring will start early... but no. It's summer at home and I can almost smell the beach and sunscreen lotion.

On other stuff, I'm almost done with my intensive interviews. I promised my adviser to turn in my first draft of the discussion part after spring break. Yes, we have spring break. Some people asked me about my plans for the short vacation. I have plans- to stay in my room and write. I need motivation and not vacation at this point. And I figured out I've had enough of that last year. I started my "be motivated" scheme by waking up before the break of dawn and sleeping at around 9pm. It's refreshing. I write more coherent sentences when the world is quiet. Hay. Thesis the life, they say. Back to work.

Tata for now.