Ordinary Day

Today is just like any ordinary day. Sometimes I just feel like no matter what you do, everything's just the same. What about living each day one moment at a time? What about living each day as if it's your last on earth?

I'm in a constant search of that spark, or even for that tiny flicker of hope. Chances are, it might be too late. But hey, I'm still holding on to forever, with hands clasped in prayer. Afterall, every day, every moment I have, is filled with joy and love, all kept inside my heart.

Everything Shall Be Alright

Follow the waves in the ocean
Feel the mist that tickles your bone
Smile. Laugh with delight,
Everything shall be alright.

Now look at the moon
The goddess in vast dark sky
Be inspired by her beauty and might
Everything shall be alright.

Flow like the clear waters in the stream
Let go, gradually
Embrace calm and serenity tight
Everything shall be alright.

Heaven on Earth

There are times when I feel like I'm carrying a huge load over my shoulders. I feel anxious, I feel tired, I feel weak. I usually am dumbfounded with all the perplexities on earth. I still have doubts over everything. Everything needs to be well thought out, carefully planned. But even if stress is getting on my nerves for like forever, I am always hoping that I can still manage to make things right, to let them just fall into proper place, in God's right time.

On a lighter note, I am still grateful for having had the chance to spend time alone. My so called me moments have been postponed for over three months and now I tried to squeeze it in. I had a quick trip to a local aesthetic center to have my brows threaded (it makes you look younger and less stressed in some ways). I gave in instantly to a 30-minute blissful back massage, a little shopping, and a quiet time in a coffee shop with a warm cup of latte and a sinful cinnamon swirl. That's my little heaven on earth.