Heaven on Earth

There are times when I feel like I'm carrying a huge load over my shoulders. I feel anxious, I feel tired, I feel weak. I usually am dumbfounded with all the perplexities on earth. I still have doubts over everything. Everything needs to be well thought out, carefully planned. But even if stress is getting on my nerves for like forever, I am always hoping that I can still manage to make things right, to let them just fall into proper place, in God's right time.

On a lighter note, I am still grateful for having had the chance to spend time alone. My so called me moments have been postponed for over three months and now I tried to squeeze it in. I had a quick trip to a local aesthetic center to have my brows threaded (it makes you look younger and less stressed in some ways). I gave in instantly to a 30-minute blissful back massage, a little shopping, and a quiet time in a coffee shop with a warm cup of latte and a sinful cinnamon swirl. That's my little heaven on earth.

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