Sunsets and whatevs

So I thought I'd be blogging more often now that I have created a new Wordpress account, but no. I'm such a slacker. I did write a couple of entries for one whole week, but after two, three weeks, the enthusiasm died. 

Sigh. I love how my Wordpress looks like. The layout is neat, kinda professional-ish. I'm still looking for that drive to blog again. I considered niche blogging, but thought it required a lot of effort. I wanted to do 'a day in the life' that kind of thang but figured it may be boring; or a travel blog, but I'm too lazy (I do have a separate blog of the places I've been to, but they're purely photos, no words). And so here I am, back to my old Blogspot. 

I've come across so many blogs that inspired me to blog again but at times I'm just so tired from work, that the only thing I do to rejuvenate is to attend yoga classes and do some Ohmmsss. Ahhhhh life. Maybe I'll just sleep it off and wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to write something worthwhile. 

Anyhoooo. That photo above was taken at sundown, when I was about to leave the office. Sunsets, they really take my breath away.