There are days when I complain that I don't get enough sleep. But not today. I slept from 12 midnight and woke up at 11 in the morning. Dragged my still sleepy self to the bathroom then checked emails. I ran downstairs to buy something for lunch because I know by around 12 noon, people will be lining up in all restaurants, including 7-Eleven and Family Mart. I bought some beef rice and a fruit box. I realized I haven't had fruits lately. Back home, my mom would always have  a stock of grapes, oranges, pomelos and all other fruits in the fridge. Swear she'd pity me when she sees the fridge here.

And so I had my lunch and... I went to bed again. For another hour and a half. I'm such a bum during my off days. I put it on the schedule to clean on Thursday night so I can rest and do whatever I want on a Friday. I think I showered at 4pm and went out of the house before 5. I met with my friend Erica and bummed around city hall. The European-inspired mall Bella Vita have some event going on, we were curious so we went in, hence the picture with the teacups. We were both amused with the huge cups and ran when saw one cup vacant. Bella Vita is one of the many malls here in Taipei where you cant really buy a single thing because it's all branded, you wont even have the courage to go inside the boutiques and look around.

Another mall of that level would be Taipei 101. But Taipei 101 has a food court which still makes it friendly to the middle-class people like us (hahah). We had some cold as ice Hainanese chicken for dinner, and a very disappointing, not to mention pricey, green tea with Yakult drink. 50Lan would always be my favorite. And then we headed home before 8. Good boring girls like us dont like noisy bars and night life.  

So because I had 13 hours of sleep, I don't feel like dozing off any time soon. Half past one in the morning and I'm still online. The other day, I was having the worst period cramps and I found myself inside the bathroom at 2am, trying to do a hot compress with the help of a face towel and really hot water from the faucet, which eventually worked. The pain was excruciating, plus the migraine yesterday. Gaaaah. These are the times when you don't want to be alone (when I say alone, I mean living alone). I had throbbing migraine this morning, I woke up at 5am just to pop two capsules of Advil with an empty stomach, is that even good? Anyway, I'm still alive. Coping.

And after writing three paragraphs and playing Adele on iTunes, I'm still full of energy. I need to sleep to feel really well-rested again. Sorry, this is me bumming.

Life Now

This time last year, I just moved in to my new place (a service apartment as my friend used to say), busying myself with concept maps, thesis consultations and writing endless drafts.

This time this year, I'm adjusting (now a bit well-adjusted) to my new place, new work, new life.

I see it as a routine now. Getting up late in the morning, skyping with mom, although sometimes I end up staring at the screen because we both have nothing to say. Then I would eat a not-so healthy breakfast that consists of water, milk, or iced coffee, and an assortment of bread. Still with the Skype on, I take a shower and my mom waits for me. I get ready for work, dry my hair, the works.

If I wake up extra early, I still make it to the noon mass at the church nearby. Otherwise, I hurry to the office and grab anything at the healthy buffet for lunch.

Working as an editor means being in charge of several pages or sections of the newspaper. For me, I treat my pages as my babies. You take care of the news and choose what's best for those pages assigned to you. You read and re-read, re-write. You choose pictures that elicit emotions. It involves a lot of patience and energy because you deal with deadlines by the hour.

Break time is at dinner time,  although it may also be spent wisely by reading proofs (or in my case, watching Grey's and DC Cupcakes in the office cafeteria haha!). When the paper comes out the following day, keep your fingers crossed, it's time to pray, panic and scramble for all the possible errors and wish that you still have a job the next day.  That's life now. It's September, so time to start my countdown to December (and ze birthday!) :)