Taipei Series: English-speaking dermatologist

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My doctor in Manila put me on Differin when I went home last April. It kept my T-zone smooth and clear and experienced no major problems. Toward the end of May and into the summer months, my skin went downhill. I started having cystic acne on my cheeks. I thought they were hormonal so I just dabbed some good ol' benzoyl peroxide to dry them up. However my cycle has come and gone and acne still pops up. I was getting worried so I booked an appointment online with a dermatologist from Taipei Medical University Hospital, the nearest hospital from my place.

The dermatologist, whose name now escapes me, gave me Doxycycline which I took twice a day, after meal for 7 days. She also said I have rosacea- the reason why I flush so easily. She didn't give me any topicals, just one kind of oral medication. I think I paid NT$430 (around 600 pesos). Consultations in bigger hospitals like TMUH are more expensive compared to smaller clinics, but it does not necessarily mean they do better jobs (well at least, in my case). My acne calmed down after around 2 weeks, but flared up again in early July.

So one morning while waiting for a call conference at work, and feeling really desperate my skin would not heal (I need to clear up by September for my cousin's wedding!), I started searching for well-recommended dermatologists in Taipei by the locals. I did the search in Chinese and came up with several names from an online forum.

There was this one particular name that appears in almost every recommendation list: 石博宇醫師 Dr. Shih Po-Yu. They commended how Dr. Shih took time to listen to their woes and prescribed medicines that cleared them up. After reading around 20 or so reviews from online users, I searched for Dr. Shih and saw his clinic schedules in Wanfang Hospital 萬芳醫院  (near my school before) and Po Shun United Clinic 保順聯合診所 in faraway Sanchong, New Taipei City. I also read his credentials online and was pleased to find that he is a member of the American Board of Dermatology! Yaaay! I was sure he speaks good English (not that the other doctors I've been to can't speak English, but I have high hopes knowing he's ABD-certified!)

His Wanfang schedule is on Wednesday mornings and I cant take a day off just to see him. I opted to make a trip all the way to Sanchong (Sanchong is on the outskirts of Taipei) after work one rainy Wednesday evening, hoping against hope (and praying with all my might) that it's worth the trek. I promised myself I'll write a review and recommend him to friends if things go well (hence this blog post!)

Dr. Shih was indeed very warm and accommodating. I told him I'd be speaking in English because I'm more comfortable with the language. Daaaaang... he spoke perfect English. I'm guessing he is an American-born Chinese! He looked at my skin with a small magnifying glass and said my skin's really inflamed. He then took a skin diagram and started explaining the parts of the skin and how comedones form. I did not experience this from any of the dermatologists I've been to here in Taipei (I've been to 4 or 5!!!). He also mentioned something about being cautious of my food intake- avoid too much fried and oily food, rich in carbohydrates, and those hot food- not only hot as in spicy, but temperature-wise. He said there's also a proper way of washing the face. He showed me a link on their website and told me to watch it when I get home. Here's the video if you're interested.

He began the treatment with oral antibiotics to 'kill' the bacteria and an anti-inflammatory med. He gave me topical ointments and a solution to apply before bedtime. I went home with this bag of medicines good for 3 days (oral meds 3x a day) and paid only NT$100- I think I paid an additional NT$150 for one of the topical meds not covered by the insurance.

On my second visit, the inflammation subsided and there were no new acne forming. We continued with the medication and Dr. Shih asked me to see him again after 3 days. On the third day, he said I'm responding very well to the medication... quite beyond his expectation! I would have wanted to say thank you and I kinda wish I have found him sooner... but I was shy. He lessened the dosage of the oral meds to twice a day for 3 days and replaced the solution with 2 ointments that will help push out comedones and lessen the scarring. On the fourth visit, he decided to slowly wean me off of the oral meds. I'm now taking it just once a day and hopefully no more flare ups until my cousin's wedding!

I'm really so thankful I found Dr. Shih! I super recommend him especially for expats suffering from skin problems. Very cool and easy to talk to! I will post a before and after photo of myself when the scars lighten a bit :) For now, I'm just super dooper happy that I can feel the smoothness of my skin again when washing! Ahhh really worth the trek to Sanchong!

Click here for an update on the treatment.

Full details:
Doctor's Name: 石博宇醫師 Dr. Shih Po-Yu
Clinic: Po Shun United Clinic 保順聯合診所
Address: No. 5 Zheng Yi North Road, Sanchong District, New Taipei City 新北市三重區正義北路五號
Contact Num: 02-29710719,  02-29855630
FB page:

Goodbyes and Ironies

Today is Chinese Valentine's Day (七夕情人節). It falls on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar (which is today). According to tradition, the festival celebrates the meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. Whatever that is, if you are in a Chinese country, and in a relationship, then you get to celebrate Valentine's twice. Magastos nga lang haha! The flower shop near my place has been working overtime the last 3 days. Thank you, Auntie Maria for the cake!

I'm so glad July's over. It was depressing, hence the one-month absence in the blogosphere. I wanted some time to just take it all in. People leaving and me not knowing what to do with my life. I can't imagine sending off someone so dear to me here in Taipei... the person I consider my rock and inspiration. She is the only person I can talk to with just about anything and will not judge. I remember crying my heart out to her during my life's darkest days.  She was the one who told me to just cry and let it out, and that I cannot always be the strong girl that I am. And so I did, I cried like a little girl, and she sat there quietly with me and listened with all her heart.

I cried for days when I learned she was leaving Taipei for good. We thought we did a great job surprising her when we organized a mini concert party for her birthday, but we didn't know she had an even bigger surprise to all. She gave me the tightest of all hugs before she went to the boarding gate. I will remember all your bilins, Auntie F. I will always try to be good, to do good, and to never lose faith. See you soon in Manila!

Hay I hate goodbyes. I think I attended about 4 sendoff gatherings last month. And here I am, just a couple of days away from lodging my APRC application. APRC is the permanent residency certificate here in Taiwan. They grant permanent residency to expats who have worked for 5 straight years without gaps. If my application will be approved, that means I can stay in Taiwan for as long as I want even without a job (and maybe apply for citizenship, but I'm not too keen on that). For the past 5 years, my residency here is sponsored by the companies I work for. Basically, you cannot stay here unless you have official business-- like education or employment. And I'm applying for this when everyone seems to be leaving. How ironic. Lord, please lead the way na lang po.

Sharing some things that brought smile despite having a bad month-- my new set of bedding, afternoon catch up sesh with friends at Cafe de Riz and a yummy chocolate crinkle recipe!