Pampering the sick

I was sick the entire week. My lips are cracked dry, perhaps from the lack of nutrients and my intake of various medications. Really, the cough syrup that almost became a part of my daily meal looked and tasted like Listerine. I was downing an antibiotic and some fever meds every four to five hours. It was one of the worst flu experiences I've ever had.

It didn't even help that I was craving so bad for chicken macaroni soup (I was telling myself even a plain sopas will do), and some sinigang to warm me up. But nothing. I subsisted on Subway's minestrone and Formosa Chang's fishball soup. I stayed in bed the whole weekend, sleeping the day away. I kept my blinds closed all the time because my eyes were so sensitive to light. My doctor kept checking on me, sometimes I fall asleep between replies.

Monday came and I had no choice but to go back to work. I was like a zombie working on my desk. My colleagues were nice enough to get me some seafood hotpot to-go because I wanted something hot to fill my tummy.

I'm slowly recovering. I have the entire weekend to myself but I think I'll be in bed. Again. Or maybe sipping some 'homemade Starbucks' classic hot chocolate while recuperating. And I received three little cuties in the mail the other day- adorable line characters. I just smile when I see them. They're so cute I wish they come in huggable sizes.

Anyhow, time for bed. I just made use of my free time to do some backlog blog readings. I swear I need to take my multivit and not let them expire anymore. It sucks to get sick, especially alone, but it feels nice to have people around, despite being a virus carrier, they still pampered me.