November Notes

The milk tea I had last Saturday kept me up all night. I was trying to be productive by drafting two invitation letters and a sample itinerary for my pending visa application to be lodged next month. I finished the documents at 2:00am and I still cant get myself to bed. I opened my journal and back-read my entries. I was overjoyed while flipping through the pages where I pasted boarding passes, train and park tickets and recalled every memory that came with those travels. I also put 'mental check marks' on the items that have been accomplished. And so I went to the back page of the journal and started jotting down my 2015 goals. With all the positive vibes (probably infused in the milk tea), I was smiling from ear to ear, hoping against hope that I get to tick them one by one again by the end of next year. It was 3:00am when I finished writing, I turned off my desk lamp and tried getting some sleep.

I don't know how much caffeine that milk tea had, but I was still tossing and turning in bed by 3:30. Since I cant make myself fall asleep, I tried recalling some events from last week that made me really happy and started uttering prayers of thanks for every single thing/person/event that painted a smile on my face (including our building's reliable security personnel who helped carry my 8-kg Ikea box from the cab to the elevator). It was indeed a great birthday month for me, ending it ever so specially with Monica's visit.

My bestfriend Monica was in town with her whole family. Originally it was only her mom, dad and youngest sister joining the Lion's Club Tour to Taipei, but Monica was able to clear her schedule after finishing her pre-residency. I was so delighted when she said she won't be staying at the hotel with her parents and would want to see my new place. She stayed with me for 3 nights- the longest time we've spent together since her last Taipei visit with Monnette in 2011.

Unlike Monnette, Monica is not a nature-person. You can't bring her hiking or go see the forests and mountains. She'd rather sit in a coffee shop and read her Med books. So after doing the usual Taipei stuff- night market, milk tea and eating shabu-shabu, I took her to this nice little coffee shop called Topo in Tienmu. I knew she'll like it there, and I was right. We like taking things slow now compared before- cup of latte and tea, slabs of bacon for brunch, and then some molten chocolate cake. We no longer shop till we drop. We've become these mature individuals who spend time and money wisely. Gaaaad signs of aging (and maturity) perhaps?

I'm grateful that I was able to spend time with both Monica (in Taipei) and Monnette (in Korea). With Monica, I look forward to ending the day with long chats in bed- talking nonstop about our personal lives, our many plans for the future. With Monnette, I love hanging out with her ever since. She's super patient, relaxed, never in a hurry. I'm always inspired with how good her heart is. I miss them now that I'm writing this entry.

On a side note, Monica and I dropped by Ikea to have a look at some household stuff (again, signs of aging hahaha). I fell in love with a certain pink desk chair that I cant get it off my mind. So last Friday, I gave in and bought it on a whim, together with the pink LED desk lamp. I was worried about two things: (1) carrying the 8-kg box where they packed the chair (2) assembling it correctly. My mom even sent a Viber message saying I need to make sure all bolts and nuts are properly screwed.

Lo and behold... my study desk mini makeover! I successfully assembled the chair- Manong Amboy (our all-around fixer/driver at home) would have been so proud! I found myself spending more time now on my study desk than before. I feel so motivated to get things done with my new chair and lamp, I hope hindi lang 'ningas kugon' :)

I will be leaving for work this coming Sunday, and will be away for 6 days. We're traveling to the Middle East this time for another annual gathering, please do wish us luck and a safe journey :) Have a great November, y'all!


Nheng said...

Have a safe trip jaq! Keep us updated. :)


Jacqueline Uy said...

Thank you, Neri! :)

Nathalie said...

That is one fab desk chair you got! I am not a fan of the color pink by itself, but I do like it when combined with black. Haha.

I guess writing goals down really does make a difference, eh? I am kinda ningas-kugon about my planners so they're only filled up a few months in then left in my room until now. Tsk. Not a good habit, I know. I really oughtta change that, so that later on I could relate to what you wrote in the first coupla paragraphs of this post. :)

Chew On This said...

Oh sis, it's not aging. You don't have to be old like me to like Ikea :) heheh! You have set goals for 2015 already and I haven't finished my 2014 yet :)

Rea Ninja said...

Have a safe trip Jackie! And I love your new chair and desk makeover. Everybody deserves a reward for their hard work and you're getting yours. :)

Jacqueline Uy said...

Thanks, Nathalie! Writing down your goals and crossing them off one by one keep me from slacking off hehe. I do tend to procrastinate... a lot.

@Chew on this
I wasnt too excited during my first visit to Ikea in HK many years ago, I think I was 16 or 17 then. But now is a totally different story! I keep their catalogs and daydream about my future house :)

Thank you, Rea!

Aiza said...

Not asleep by 3:30?! I have some mornites like that!

I love the chair, girl. Did you like DIY-ed it? I have a boring black office chair at home. :) I'd like to revamp it a bit.

Project Gora said...

Have you seen the movie Spirited Away? I read somewhere that this movie is inspired by Jiufen, a small town near Taipei. Maybe you can take Monica there the next time she visits. I would also love to visit the place someday :) Have a safe trip Jacq!

Unknown said...

Oh!! You're traveling again! I wish you a safe trip dear. I've always wanted that chair. I already found a local Ikea seller on Instagram but I have yet to order one. Maybe when I can already walk properly again. Plus, I don't have a formal desk to begin with lol :P I only use a foldable table for my netbook. Oh, I've already posted my Goguan experience on my blog. Hihi.

Unknown said...

Jackie, that's a super cute chair!!! :D So much happy vibes in this post, thank you! :) And good luck and have a safe work trip! ^_^

Jacqueline said...

Got the chair from Ikea :)

Hi Milet! Yes we've been to Jiufen several times already, it's very convenient kasi to go there. Thanks!

Thank you! I hope you're doing well now? I also suffered a minor injury from my recent trip. Take care always! Will check your Goguan post :)

Thanks, Jean! :)

Love Love ♥ said...

Love your post sis! Dang, you've got your goals already written! Reminds me that I should too!

I am totally jealous of how neat your desk is. Mine is cluttered. I should really de-clutter it. ;)

Leah from curiousweekends.

Mrs. Panda said...

thank god you're ok :) i know its just a cut, pero pag nsa foreign country hindi lang basta cut yun when you're panicking! stay safe with your next trip :) and i love ikea too even my teenager nieces hihi! lol :)