Thank God for Days Off

Norah Jones' Little Broken Hearts playing in the background. Clothes in the washer. Feet up. Reading nonsensical stuff (e.g. "30 things I learned from my pet cat" - for real).

Ahhhh. Days off have never been this good. Thank You, Lord.

I really couldn't come up with words that will sum up how work has been these days. Well just imagine me working 7 to 8 days straight and trying to take Centrum nightly to combat stress. And staring at the mirror thinking how I badly need a diamond peel and a trip to the salon is not even helping.

But I really can't complain. Hard work has paid off after receiving some good news just the previous day and I'm glad things are working out just fine.

And because days like this give me enough time to waste online, I'd like to share some of my nice little discoveries.

Fried Oreos at Raohe Night Market (Yummy!)

Kopiko from my friend Erica

Mcdonald's and their eco friendly bags, wish we have it in Mnl