Still Surreal

Eight weeks and still I find everything surreal. Each morning when I wake up, I always have to ask myself questions like where am I or am I home. Yes I miss home terribly. But going out with my now closest group of friends gives me time to not think about deep nostalgia. I am fond of them now because as days go by, we share parts and parcels of our lives with each other.

I cant help not to count the days. It is what motivates me to yearn and do all my best to study well and learn new things every day. I thank God for keeping me safe always and keeping everyone back home safe too. But please Lord, no more typhoon.

My heart longs for home. But this is where I am now. I love my present and I will strive for everything.

Birthday Post

Just a quick birthday post! I want to thank everyone who greeted me. Despite the distance, I was somehow able to celebrate with my friends and my family. As written on my facebook stat, I am really thanking God for the beautiful 21 years, for the gift of friends, colleagues, relatives and a loving family... am truly overjoyed even if I'm thousand of miles away from home. Thank you everyone!