What are you thankful for?

Each morning I wake up and try to let go of yesterday. I whisper a prayer of praise and thanksgiving, for allowing me to live yet another day. I do have a long list of things to be thankful for, but in prayers, I keep it simple by saying thank You for everything- for all that I am, for all that I have.

An article written by the Associated Press says giving thanks or showing your gratitude can be healthy. Psych professors that were interviewed for the story tell readers that simple gratitude makes people happier and gives off an "incredible" feeling. It also serves as a "stress buffer" because grateful people are less likely to feel anger and unpleasant emotions.

So as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, sans turkey and cranberry gravy here in the Orient, I will recall some things, people and experiences which I have been grateful for the past months.

For finishing graduate school on time and under full scholarship. It has long been a promise between me and myself that I wouldn't spend a single cent to go to grad school, and I'm thankful it happened.

For a job that is stable and pays for my bills. I do not have a reason to stay here in Taipei without a full-time job, and for that I am truly grateful.

For nice colleagues who treat me as a local. Sure we've all heard of nightmare stories on horrible office mates and bosses, but I feel just at ease with them (I do hope they feel the same way too, if bribing them with Marty's chicharon and Nagaraya would do the trick haha!)

For people who have helped me adjust in this new phase. The transition from being a student to being a part of the working class is not easy. More so moving in/out of apartments and getting sick. After finishing school, I didn't know there would be people who would care to check on me once in a while.

For whoever invented Skype. Skype makes cold lonely nights bearable when I spend long hours talking to friends online. It also bridges the distance between me, my parents and my brothers, which eventually inspired me to write a thesis on mothering online.

For all the pains, problems, persecutions. I never thought the song that goes "You made me stronger by breaking my heart" would hit home, in a not so love-related kind of way. Well, maybe yes-- love in a greater scheme. 

For the presence of friends. That even though half of my heart longs for them, it makes me happy knowing nothing has ever changed in our years or decades of friendship despite being miles away.

For my family who have always made me feel loved no matter what. I have become strong, remembering all those nights that I cried myself to sleep. I learned the value of faith- in just about everything.

For Him, who will always be there, beyond forever.

How about you, what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!