Joy of Easter

Happy Easter! I spent the Holy Week feeling a little down and depressed all thanks to the crazy Taipei weather (14 days of nonstop rain), but I realized it was also my own little way of accompanying Jesus to carry His cross. We were greeted with a lovely spring sunshine come Saturday morning, and the feeling of loneliness was replaced by an inner joy. Thank you, God for sending Your Son to save us from our sinfulness! I remain unfazed by life's trials because I believe You have control over them. Sister Mary Beth, a Sacred Heart nun from our church gave me this lip balm as an Easter gift... a beautiful reminder to be with God every single day. "The closer we come to God, the more fully we become ourselves."- Sister Ida Peterfy

I thank the Lord too for sending people who manifest His love and mercy- my friends and loved ones!!! I was not all alone in celebrating the joy of Easter. Kaymee's family came to visit me and I happily volunteered to be their tour guide. Kaymee is one of my best friends since college and I have known her family for over 10 years. She was not able to join because she just started with her new job in Melbourne. I cant believe her baby sister is turning 18 this year! I remember helping out during her 9th birthday party and setting up the parlor games! Gosh tanders na talaga. My goddaughters from Japan are also here in Taipei for a few weeks. Ninang was busy baby-sitting her babies but her heart is so full of love.

It was a busy week at work because we had a planning meeting for an annual chambers conference. We chose Marriott Taipei as the conference venue in November and during the ocular inspection, I requested the hotel's events officer to bring us to the pool area. Look at what greeted us!

After the planning meeting, we had our first quarter company lunch at the newly-opened Morton's Steakhouse located on the 45th floor of the new Breeze Xinyi. The view was spectacular. It would be nice to go on a date here especially at night! It was refreshing to have a yummy lunch with my colleagues and to not discuss anything work-related.

I cannot wait to be home this weekend. My brother's on his annual month-long vacation so I promised to spend time with them before flying to Hanoi for work next week. I'm really, really, exhausted. When I feel stressed, I let out a big sigh and thank the heavens for letting me have a job. Then I feel okay again.

Hope you're all having a good blessed first week of Easter!

Life Lately

Hi blog, sorry for abandoning you for quite some time. There were just so many things going on the last few weeks (mostly good!!!) that I did not have time to update you. I felt like I needed to go on a coffee date with myself to catch up with my own life, but that requires going out so I might as well write down my thoughts while lying in bed (sadly, it's still winter here- so cold and wet, it's getting depressing!)

I just got back from a work-related travel to Sri Lanka. We were there for 5 days, mainly to support the Sri Lanka Business Conclave organized by our partner chamber and member. The place is very interesting and has nice friendly people. They say it's a "cleaner India" though I cannot attest to that since I haven't been there. The country now takes pride of its promising economic growth and has been attracting investors all over the world.  (Photos below: Galle Face, Red Mosque, Port of Colombo and Sri Lankan food called "hopper")

Apart from that, my previous weeks were spent slaving away (hehe sorry for the term!), balanced by random get togethers with scholar-friends who have just arrived for the new semester. I also met up with working friends for midweek dinners to have a break from our routines. I'm back to my regular yoga 'programming'... slowly re-introducing my body to hot yoga after not doing it for more than 3 weeks. On most days I do gentle therapeutic sessions to ease my back pain. 

For other things, I bought a small balikbayan box to fill with stuff I'm not using anymore (and those things that don't spark joy hehe). This is me de-cluttering the #KonMari way, thanks to Diane for the inspiration! I KonMari-ed my closet during those wee hours that I'm so jet-lagged, and managed to set aside things I haven't really been using. My balikbayan box is ready for pick-up on Wednesday and my room has never been this tidy, and my drawers so organized! I hope they stay like this forever!

I ticked off several items from my to-do list over the weekend. Thank God for weekends!!! I went to Lucky Money Remittance Center to re-start paying my SSS contribution (which I should have done last year). I'm still contemplating on paying my Philhealth and PAG-IBIG fund because I dont see the point in paying them since we have National Health Insurance here (your thoughts?) Then I made several calls to China Airlines for my award ticket redemption, and to Cebu Pacific to refund my ticket after a change in flight schedule, and lastly to Metrobank for reversal of my annual credit card fee using my reward points. Sorry I feel like I need to write these down to have some sense of accomplishment after months of procrastinating. Hay everything is just so tedious when you're overseas. 

Have a great week ahead! I have pending posts for my US trip and Taipei Life series, I hope I can start writing them! :)