Lovers' Tower

It's not yet Valentine's Day. There are no heart-shaped balloons, fancy bouquets made of Ferrero, nor corny love songs playing in the air. However, despite Valentine's Day being four months away, I think I just found a perfect place where lovers can spend their evening together on that most expensive time of the year (yes, more expensive than Christmas, I reckon).

Welcome to Lovers' Tower, where not only lovers, but people whom I prefer to call as "single entities" can enjoy the breathtaking night scenery of Taipei. Located 45 minutes away from downtown Taipei area, Fullon Hotel's Lovers' Tower is a new tourist attraction that is yet to be discovered. You step into a ride, something similar to a cable car- only bigger and round, with a sitting capacity of maybe 50 to 60- and it takes you to the top of the 100-meter observatory tower.

This ride is not for the faint-hearted and people suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights). But yeah, it may help if you put your arms around that person you're with. Just be sure you're putting your arms around the right person, because they dim the lights once you start your way up.

I think it is more recommended to visit Lovers' Tower at night time so you can also take a glimpse of the Lover's Bridge (without taking the ridiculously-priced mini-ferry ride). I swear I do not know what is wrong with this place that they name everything with the word "Lovers." Taipei is not the most romantic place on earth, I kid you not.

Although we came without our lovers, the three of us enjoyed the panoramic view! It's worth taking a trip here if you are visiting Taipei. Other places around the area that you could also visit would include Danshui old streets and Fisherman's wharf. 

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