Thank You

I opened my planner. Stared blankly at the last few pages for the month of December. Then flipped through the first page, a calendar for 2009-2010. I wrote down my goals, the things I would want to accomplish for next year. I realized I did exactly the same thing the previous year. And what struck me is that whatever I have written down, God made a way and led me to the path I want. I'm still holding on to my faith that next year would be the same, He will shed light and help me find my way.

Thank You for being my companion, for being my source of strength. At night when I'm alone, who do I talk to? No one but You. Thank You for making me strong and independent. You take away my sadness. In my conversations with You, I am relieved that everything will be okay. If I don't have this faith I have now, I would have put everything down and surrendered. Thank You for the kind of relationship I have with my family and with my friends. I sometimes think about the things I do to deserve all Your goodness. But please, don't stop being there for me. I can't do this alone. Thank You and I can't wait to be with You in that another phase of my life that I'm dreaming of. We will do it slowly, as You have always done. I have learned through these experiences that setbacks are natural part of life and so I know now how to manage it. Thank you for everything. My heart, my faith, they all belong to You.

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