That Time of Year

Been nursing a blogger's block for few days now. My notepad's filled with uncompleted incoherent entries, paragraphs and sentences that need to be patched. Anyhow, I'm now in bed, writing a decent enough entry while watching American Idol.

AI gives me a surge of emotions from all the contestants in all walks of life. From a 16-year old girl with four younger brothers afflicted with down syndrome, to a guy whose wife's water bag just broke and has gone into labor, AI shows what people do for love, their love for music, their love for their families.

And so here we are again in that time of the year when stores are filled with paper hearts, bake shops with heart cakes, and guys carrying bouquets of fresh red roses (in the Philippines this is usually accompanied by a paper bag coming from the ubiquitous Blue Spirit or Bear Cuddler, hah this is so high school) as they profess their love to their one and only.

Over the years, I have been looking for more unique ways on how lovey doveys celebrate this day. I don't have any answer to my question but at least I have some ideas which may come in handy few years from now, you never know. The classic candlelit dinner would always do the trick though. But having had friends with strong committed relationships gave me the chance to witness how cheesy and crazy they can be every Valentines Day.

To the two of my best girl pals, here's to a cheesy valentine's day celebration with your lovies! The dinner with my high school girlfriends last week was enough to compensate for my not-having-a-special-someone to spend the V day with. I have two girl friends for pre-valentines and I'm okay with it, love them both to pieces!

How would I spend this universal heart day? We'd probably have Chinese lunch because Chinese New Year falls on the same day with Valentines, and then I'll be with mom, perhaps turn it into a shopping and pig-out day, and we'll be watching a concert together. That's it, no frills, no cheese. But surprises are always welcome!

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