August in Bullets

Weeeee! Happy first day of September! (Before anything else, congratulations to Rea and Charm for winning my giveaway! I'm sending your gifts through my friend who's flying to Manila in October. Hopefully you can get them by mid October or November.) 

That's a double rainbow I snapped on my way home from work last week. There are so many things going on recently that I have forgotten to keep track or write about. Maybe I'm just lazy to sit down and type my thoughts away. Some nights I busy myself with house work, I go for an after-dinner walk, do a midweek grocery run, or join friends for a quick catch up and break our monotonous routine. There are however, three things that are worth remembering this month.

(1) Paying my credit card bill in full- Woohoo finally!!! This is what happens when PAL goes on a crazy sale. My bad. It won't happen again. I just could not let go of the sale because it will save me a whole lot of money than booking a regular-priced ticket for next year. I promise I need to stash some cash into my now-empty travel fund before I book another trip. Having 0 credit card utang feels soooo liberating.

(2) Kim visiting with her friends- Kim is my classmate in all school levels from elementary, high school to college (not blockmate, but we were in the same Genders and Filipi class). We've been friends for a really long time, that's why when she sent me an email saying she'd be visiting Taipei with her friends, I had to mark my calendar. I played tour guide the whole weekend- exhausting but fun because Kim brought so much chikas about our 'favorite' high school people.

(3) Our dearest Kobayashi family moving to Japan- Peter and Agnes informed me several months ago of their plan to move to Japan. As godmother to their daughters, Agnes said I have the right to know of their plans firsthand. I'm sad to see them go, but I know it is for the two girls' future. Our church gave them a surprise sendoff party last Sunday, together with another church mate Michael who's leaving Taiwan for good.  Our church mates asked me to speak on behalf of the youth group being led by Peter. I was apprehensive because I hate speaking in front of people, but since I'm really close to them and I love the girls so much, I decided to write a short (medyo pambata) poem for the Kobayashi family (a longer piece will make me cry!).

The story begins with a beautiful couple
They are warm and loving, both enjoy a chuckle
God loves them so much, He said they deserve the very best
Their faith is unwavering, with two princesses they are blessed

They are Emi and Lisa, Eugenie is their second name
Both adorable, playful and smart, watching over them is not an easy game
On Sundays, mom and dad get a little break
They play with aunties and uncles, sometimes help ninang bake a cake

But the next Sundays and the future ones will be a little different
No Emi and Lisa running around, being persistent
They are soon off to Japan, the land of Sanrio
We ought to say thank you, and we hate to see you go

The story does not end here
For you will always be near
We will see you in every prayer
Maybe on Line, Facebook, and don't forget Viber

Peter and Agnes, you are one Holy Family ---- (our church's name is Holy Family Church)
You will always be in our hearts, together with Lisa and Emi

On a lighter note, I'm sharing with you my latest beauty discovery from Korean brand Etude House. I noticed my hair is becoming dry and needs some life. I passed by Etude House in Gongguan and checked out their items. I saw these nicely-packaged hair packs and serum which were on sale so I decided to grab three different "flavors." I used the avocado variant last Saturday, massaged it and left it for a good 30 minutes while watching an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (my ultimate stress-buster!!!). After washing, I applied the serum and let my hair air-dry. I'm just amazed that my hair's still soft today and it's been three days! And less hairfall too! I sound like an ad, but if you have dry hair, you may want to give these a try :)  Have a great September! :)


Rea Ninja said...

Thank you Jackie! Excited to receive my first "international" giveaway win! Hehehehehe ;)
Such a nice sweet poem, too! I don't think I can ever create a poem. Sheeeshh, you're so good!
And I'm so happy you've paid off your credit card - I'm so jealous!!! Hahaha, I need to work on mine!

Jacqueline Uy said...

Awww thanks Rea! I was a bit too emotional and cried buckets while writing the short poem. Regarding credit card, do it a little at a time, an amount you are comfortable with :) it did help me lot :)

Rose said...

Congrats on paying off your credit card debt. Woohoo! Being debt-free is really liberating indeed. Learned that the hard way when I had two credit cards back when I just started working. Hehe!

Oh, and Etude is <3! Will try to check their stores here if they have that product. My hair's getting dry lately as well and I am in need of some hair pampering.

Nheng said...

Wow ur writing a poem?

stevevhan said...

Aw this is so cute! i love the rainbow shot there and those two kids dancing. I really love to connect with Christian bloggers really so, i'm hoping to get back here. I would personally invite you on my blog, cause of the start of devotional series coming this sept!

Also, i wanna hear more stories from you! Blessed day!

Jacqueline Uy said...

Haha I'm trying my best not to swipe in the next 2 months.

Hi Neri! Umm haha I wrote it for fun lang because I dont want to give a long speech and bore everyone :)

Hi Steve! Thanks for visiting! I stopped by your blog earlier and left a note too.

Rea Ninja said...

Thanks for reminding me! I'm a bit into grand resolutions and I'm changing that habit. I paid large amounts to my card and ended up messing my budget. Huhu. I actually plan to pay it slowly and just an amount I can afford monthly ;)

Unknown said...

That is why I have cut my cards in half! Haha. No more plastics for me since I really cant control myself. :P

Nice poem by the way. If only I can construct even just one stanza.