Minsk, Belarus

I was MIA for a couple of weeks because of work. We were busy preparing for our visit to Minsk, Belarus- making sure we have all documents needed for our landing visa, securing visa support, our arrangements with our local counterpart, and all coordination with the delegates. It was so tiring that I had a very bad migraine while on my way to the airport. I slept through the flight, but woke up with a throbbing head for breakfast. I popped another painkiller when we reached Frankfurt for our layover, and was fine for the rest of the day until my boss arrived from a different flight, met us in the hotel lobby and announced that we are having vodka for dinner with his friends. Well, not his exact words but that's what happened. He was drunk after his 8th shot and kept on babbling nonsense. I wanted to go back to the hotel but I had to endure the whole ordeal.

We had our meetings early the next day starting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, followed by sessions with the local chamber. The following day was for another round of visits to organizations, with the most fun part reserved in the afternoon- the city tour. I managed to go around the city on my own during a two-hour break on our first day, but I learned so much from our second day tour. Our guide shared her life during the Soviet Union, how they lived with meal coupons and endless queues to get food and purchase personal items, and how religion played (and still plays) an important role in their lives. In 1992, Belarus finally gained its independence and started working to develop its economy and rebuild their society.

Minsk, the capital, was unexpectedly beautiful! Here are some photos I took during our short visit. I'm still a little jet-lagged so more on my reflections next time!

Independence Square

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

Old City of Minsk

National Library of Belarus

Belarusian meal: Potato pancakes with caviar


stevevhan said...

Aw, this place is really really nice, i love the picture of the library, like, it's the first that i saw a library that the structure is not the normal library-old like one!

You guys take care there! see you around!

Unknown said...

I would love to sleep on that humongous hotel bed! lol ^-^ Based on your photos, the city looks beautiful indeed

Jhanz said...

Ahh, makes me want to pack my bags and travel right now!!! :(


Niko Batallones said...

I have never had caviar ever. I think.

Rose said...

Hayyy, I envy those who get to travel for work. Hehe! Minsk looks like a lovely city indeed. How long were you there for? :)

Lux G. said...

It's a lovely place indeed. The cathedral is breathtaking.

Rea Ninja said...

Hmm, Minsk - really interesting. Not a typical tourist destination but looks picture-perfect. I hope I get to travel as much as you can. Haha! I mean, I know it's also for work but it's nice that you do get around the city too.

Project Gora said...

And I had to google where is Belarus. Hahaha. You're so lucky to be able to travel for work. I envy you! huhu

Unknown said...

The place looks nice and calm. It's my first time to hear about the potato pancake with caviar and I would love to try it.