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I'm joining Helga Weber's Friday's 10 Happy Things where bloggers list ten things that made them smile this week, so we can start the weekend on a more positive note. Here are my 10 happy things, in no particular order :) Thank you Helga for hosting this!

1. Home early after work. I was on a self-imposed house arrest this week. I walked home straight after clocking out, prepared (or bought) and ate supper, cleaned up, ironed clothes (while on Face Time with mother), took a nice warm bath and caught up on my reading. I only went out last Wednesday to go to the Filipino grocery store to buy some stuff I need for Saturday cooking.

2. Longest Skype session.  2 hours 36 minutes. The longest Skype sesh I've ever had with anyone. I scheduled an 'online meeting' with Joy and Kaymee because we badly needed to talk about things. So it took 2 hours, and then some 30 minutes. I love you, girls!

3. Trip to my favorite night market. The Filipino grocery store is located close to my favorite night market- Qing Guang Food Street (see photo above). I decided to stop by to get something to eat. I was feeling a bit nostalgic because the place was my home for a little over 3 years, during the time I was working with the paper. My then colleagues and I would buy takeaways from the stalls and eat them at our desks. I bought my favorite fresh spring roll and four seasons bubble tea.

4. Thank you message from Peter. My churchmate Peter, left Taiwan last Monday to start a new life in Japan. My goddaughters Emi and Lisa, and their mom Agnes will be flying two weeks later. He sent us a heartwarming 'thank you' message in our Line group.

5. Reading "All the Light We Cannot See". I'm not yet half-way through the book but the author's writing is impeccable. I can't wait to finish this. This is totally different from my light and hilarious reads Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend.

6. Ocular inspection- Taipei Guest House. Spent my Tuesday morning at the Taipei Guest House, which will be the venue for our November conference's welcome reception. It's not open to the public- heard it will soon be! The place is just too grand, I cant imagine how the events group will transform it into a little Taiwanese village.

7. Green tea with salted cream. My pick-me-upper. The creamy and salty combination is just perfect with green tea... and perfect for my moodswings! :)

8. Finding a baked embutido and lasagna roll-ups recipe. I cannot wait to cook this Saturday! I hope they turn out really nice, or it'll be a total waste of time, effort and money.

9. Finishing our monthly publications. My eyes have been twitching for several weeks now because of my constant PC use. I'm glad I don't have to edit stuff for the next few days and give my eyes a break.

10. Sinigang night tonight. Sinigang is my ultimate comfort food, best eaten when it's raining outside. Well it's not pouring today, but we scheduled a Sinigang night at Kuya Ronald's place. Excited to stuff my face with 'sinabawang kanin' (literally translates to soup rice) hahaha!

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Nheng said...

No1 is my everyday happy thing! I always wanted to go home early for my kids!

Jacqueline Uy said...

Happy weekend, Neri! :)

Aiza said...

Cooking! I miss cooking for 2. lol. I cooked this week -- beef broccoli. I'm too lazy to cook when I cook just for myself. Seems like you are having a great week, Jacqueline. :) Happy weekend.

Lux G. said...

Friday is a really good day. It's the best F word for me. :)

Project Gora said...

Sounds like you had a very productive week Jacq! Buti ka pa, you had time to read books. Two weeks ago, I bought 4 books from National Bookstore’s warehouse sale and until now I have not started reading. Kainis. I guess I should refrain from using my laptop during weekends. Sana kayanin ko haha. Have a great week ahead! ^_^

Jhanz said...

Sounds like an awesome week! :) I hope this week would also treat you well! :D

Niko Batallones said...

So the InDesign knowledge came in handy, hahahaha. Same problem, Jackie. Same problem. Good thing (on my end) I can make it a twice-yearly thing. If only people submitted on time.

I was in Malacca last weekend. Was at the night market. Same atmosphere as Taiwan's, but for one thing: the smell of stinky tofu. Also, less food options. I actually wanna go back.

Rea Ninja said...

I'm sooo with you in green tea and sinigang's name!! Haha. I just had a green tea overload last weekend with my siblings and sinigang too!

Going home early from work is a great thing to do! Hope you enjoyed your week Jackie ;)

stevevhan said...

Well, Friday itself is a good thing that happened! hahahaha. But, i love going to markets as well and ooohh! please, sinigang? kahit everyday pa yan! :) #NUM


Also Jackie, I added you on my links.
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stevevhan said...

Hi Jackie, oh my mee again>? hahaha, just wanna let you know that i nominated you in an award. here's the link:

Ochi Bernadas said...

I love Sinigang too! Cooked it over the weekend during the typhoon though I couldn't say it's a comfort food at that as i was worried with my friends' well-being.

Ochi | Ochi In The City