College Girlfriends

So I realize I never had the chance to write about my friends and our first getaway of the year. A day after my plane touched down in Manila, I'm back to boarding another plane to my hometown, this time around, with my gal pals from college. It sure was a blast. Bonding moments of sort, except tiring, but filled with lots of talking.

Then again some of the craziest thoughts would enter our minds. Where are the boys? The good boys, do they even exist? We talked about our common friends who have had recent break ups with their boyfriends, whom we thought would march down the aisle because they look as if they'd be with each other forever. So where the heck did forever go?

We're a group of five, but four of us, let us just say, are happy being single, for now. Those are the magic words, "for now." We have been romanticizing about having an ideal guy two years from now, as we have set ourselves a deadline. But whatever or however things would flow, I think we're happy just the five of us. Even if the one has found her one, we're happy for her.

These girls occupy a part of my heart. And another part of my heart would go to my closest friends in high school who I will be having dinner with tonight and who I will be writing about in a few days because I miss them too so so much. I'm so grateful I have such good great best girl friends in the planet. Who needs a guy if you have them right?

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