Laughter Over Dinner and Cigs

One month and one week is finally over. I'm just counting the hours until the lovely vacation ends. Well, I'm back to counting down the days until June or July. The coming one hundred and something days will surely be filled with challenges again. Two of my closest friends in Taipei are leaving four days after I arrive and it just breaks my heart. I promised myself to just do things that will make me busy (i.e. hit the gym and read books) and spend more time with my other close friends in class (read: night market trips).

Aside from pms-ing, I'm getting a bit emotional again, that's hormones and reality 101. But on the brighter side of things, I was able to catch up with good old people from college. The dinner we had last February 11 was not that well-planned but it pushed through, with a surprise guest. Even if we had different stories to tell, what meant a lot was the company, the time spent with each other, over dinner, coffee and cigarette butts for others. I missed them a lot that even if we don't talk that often, there is a certain connection that bonds us together.

College was really the best for me that if I were to repeat college all over again, I'd still pick these people as my blockmates.

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