My Weekend

Last Friday, I got to attend the Digital Ripple- 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit at the SMX Convention Center. I was able to sit down and listen to only one speaker but it was worth the while. The summit was a convention of all social media marketing geeks who use only Mac and Keynote for their presentations, Blackberrys and Iphones, and who keep their fingers busy by tweeting almost every three minutes. I also saw my college friend Ruth at the convention so we had some time to catch up and took some snaps.

Spent the entire Saturday in Makati with Bea, her adorable nephew Ivan, Ate Lannie and my college blockies for a supposed-to-be reunion. The weather was good for a couple of hours at the Salcedo Market until it started pouring and so we transferred to Greenbelt. It was again an inspiring day for both Bea and I, listening to all the talks and advices of Ate Lanie. It's so good to have a friend who is way older than you and gives excellent advice in career, money, and life in general. For dinner, I met with my blockmates for a reunion. I didn't really expect a good turnout so it was no biggie when only six showed up, the seventh through a Skype date (Hi Lau!), but nonetheless, I still enjoyed the night and went home with a smile. It pays off not have any expectations sometimes! (Hmmm I feel the need to write a separate entry for this with some pictures and screen caps I took.)

I went to church pretty early today because my aunt cooked us delish lunch at her place so we have to leave by 10AM. The presider gave a very insightful reflection on the gospel by criticizing the lifestyle brought by modernity. Our lives now revolve around credit cards, loans and everything postpaid- you enjoy now and pay later. But on the contrary, he argues that life is not something you get to enjoy now and pay later, life, according to him, is prepaid. You need to earn it, then enjoy the fruits of your labor after. Surprisingly, after the roller coaster of events that I've been through before, I agree with the presider. I have always been a firm believer of delayed gratification. Work hard and enjoy later. It pays to discipline yourself well until you muster enough courage to get out of your bubble and 'build' yourself.

Have a great week ahead!

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cafémobility said...

i missed this one. i hope they will be putting up another leg soon.