My New Home

My room.
The lovely view at night.
The living room where we can receive guests.
The hallway to my room and the small receiving area.
The meal schedule where we can sign up for brekkie, lunch and dinner.
After one year here in Taiwan (September 7, 2009), I can finally say I am home. My new place feels very much like home, well, without my mom, pop, my brothers and cousins. It's just too homey and cozy, sometimes I don't even want to go out anymore.

I think I'm meant to be here. The moment I stepped in this place, I knew this was going to be it. Thank You big Boss for making my life steady at the moment. 

I'm finally "at home" in Taipei.


cafémobility said...

can't you just hook up a wireless N router so you can spread your internet connection at home? oh, was your problem a signal? or its accessibility.

Anonymous said...

Goodluck in Taipei Jacqueline!

I wish I had the confidence to live away from my parents and sister.. :D I know I have to someday...

Goodluck again! :)


Jacqueline Uy said...

Thanks Mia! :)