Second Pair

Black Manejo Loafers Php 999.00
Classy and comfy.
This is my second pair from Suelas, black Manejo loafers. I got them before I left home and I wore it to the airport. I love how comfortable the soles are and how they can easily fit in my bag. I stayed in my friend's place for two nights and when it was time for me to move in to my own place, I packed all my stuff including this pair in my suitcase. I folded and rolled it in the Suelas bag they gave me. So pretty and can match with all casual outfits. 


Anonymous said...

wow! happy new suelas to you! :) and happy new room in Taipei too! can't wait to visit you there! tc always jac! mwah!

Jacqueline Uy said...

thank you ate mic! tc always :)