Lola's First Year in Heaven

Dear Lola,

Today marks your first year in heaven. I cant believe how time passes by so fast yet we all have to be grateful that you have been watching over us for one year already. You are the reason why everyone in the family is safe, because we now have an angel from up above. Everytime I walk alone in the crowded streets of Manila, everytime I ride the LRT that takes away my patience, and all those times that I've been alone living in such a faraway place, I feel at peace that someone from heaven is watching and guiding my way.

And because you're there, I think you know how I feel about life now. I'm sorry if I'm disappointing you with all my thoughts. Maybe you've been pinching me hard on the cheek everytime I complain about how hard life is, how I want something to fall into right place instantly. Someone seems to be whispering to me saying I need to be patient, and I know it's you Lola.

Please always remind me that life is not all rainbows and butterflies. Please always be there each time I encounter a storm. Teach me to value the things I have right now and be thankful for them. Help me count my blessings everyday and stop thinking about what life should be. I promise that I will do my best to keep myself grounded and to be reminded of His presence in my life.

You are my angel forever, Lola. It's just your first year in heaven but we'll miss you forever. I cannot imagine not seeing you on your birthday. Thank you for watching over us, especially last year when Auntie suffered seizures. We all knew you were by her side.

I love you and celebrate in heaven as we're celebrating your life here on earth.

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