Kid Again

I think I have totally forgotten how it feels like to be a kid again. You know, playing barbie dolls, chinese garter, and arcades. My aunt told me that I grew up too fast and became mature in just a snap of her fingers. She even said, gone is the little girl she once held hands with, while strolling in Greenhills, shopping for dolls and kitchen-play items and wearing floral dresses. Well, should I blame Nicholas Sparks and Paulo Coelho for making me mature too early?

But of course there are times when I try my best to digress from my own maturity. I watch cartoons, read comics and chic lits, and browse teen magazines. Although I find them crappy all too often, it feels good to be laughing at silly reading materials and tv shows.

Last Saturday I had the chance to be a kid again. My niece and nephew arrived from Kuwait and I met up with them in MOA. I thought there's no better place to spend time with them, than in Timezone. And yes, as expected, they had the time of their lives, and so did I. Boy I can still feel the swelling numbing pain in my right arm after playing that throw-ball thing for eight times (my niece counted that precisely). I took 3 Alaxan tabs, but to no avail. And as my niece said, "No pain, no gain Tita! We have to get our mission cleared and not fail again!" Awww, she's growing up too fast too.

Anyhow, I'll segue to my accomplishments this week.

June 20
I picked up my claim stub for my authenticated documents in DLSU and ran to Manila Doctors after for the check up.

June 21
Special thanks to my co-writer in Eat Bulaga, Diane, for assisting me in DFA. She's working there and I was able to claim my DFA-authenticated documents smoothly, and fuss-free. I went straight to Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office to have them verified. I slept the entire day because of exhaustion. By Thursday, I have to get my Medical Exam results. I am hoping everything will be okay :))

Tomorrow's mid week again, have a good week everyone!

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