Saturday Night

Saturday night and I'm alone in my room. My roomie has gone home for the weekend and I'm in no mood to go out. Exactly forty one days from now I'll be packing my things and living this dormitory. Sure I'd be missing this place that nurtured me into a person with lower living standards, but I am so looking forward to moving to a new place I can finally call my home away from home.

See how time flies. It's the fifth month of the year and just few days from now, half of the year has already gone. Although I long for the days when everything seems so slow, I think I like it better this way. Sometimes I visualize what will happen to me the same day next year or two years from now. But as they say, 慢慢來 (take things slowly).

With school work, I am done with all my required presentations. The only thing left is the final paper for each course I'm taking. Deadly it is but I will try to start writing this coming week. This semester is really better than the previous one. It passed by just in a bolt of lighting but I can feel I have learned more and become more productive this time around. My Chinese lesson ended in a jiffy, but what made it more special is the new found friends I got. We gave our teacher a card to thank her and to show our appreciation. I think it's only our class this semester who had a tea-drinking session and who learned two Chinese games.

Lately I have also been getting a lot of good opportunities and grabbing them as they come along. I finally had my first interview for my internship earlier and if all things fall into place, God willing, I will be in another place by July or August, and be back here by September. I'm also happy to share that I'll be going to SG the week after next for some R&R.

Have a great Saturday night.

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