Another One of Those Sundays

I need a strong motivation to start writing my research proposal due on Thursday so I thought of writing here before I concentrate on the most burdensome of all things called research.

We are constantly being reminded by our parents to be good girls and boys. But it is when we grow older that we learn to appreciate the goodness of others and somehow try to be good in return. I have constantly asked myself if I have been good to people, if I treat others well, if I speak words that others want to hear. However, most of the time, I cant come up with a good answer to my question.

Afterall, what's nice is that we, as people, try to be good no matter what the circumstances are. But what is nicer is that we can always persevere to be better people, to be the best we can be.

Try doing small good deeds everyday. Smiling, exuding warmth when talking, patting one's back. It will help you feel good if not better.

Have a blessed Good Shepherd Sunday!

**The bag sitting at the back is a freebie given by the Chinese Language Center of our school. It's good to bring it anywhere because it gives the impression that you're a foreign student learning Chinese (This is a good part on my end because they often say that I kind of look like a local. So wearing that bag screams the "NOOOO-I'm-an-international-student-but-I'm-Asian" look haha!).**

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