Beautiful Sunday

What makes a lazy Sunday beautiful? A warm cup of latte and an insightful reflection. It was the priest's homily that made this Sunday perfect. I was holding back my tears during the homily but it was just too hard. I cried because I heard what I needed and wanted to hear. Heart warming reflection from a metaphorical story of a girl trapped in the woods with a famished wolf wanting to devour her. Yet the girl looked at the tree she's standing next to, and saw one fresh plump strawberry. She picked it up and forgot all the fear and anxiety.

At first it seemed so shallow, but if you dig deeper and interpret it the way the priest did, you'd realize that everytime you are in the woods, you fear for your life, but then the strawberry is a representation of God's constant presence. With all the thoughts flashing and popping out of nowhere, I do not even know where to begin planning for the things needed to be done. But at the middle of nowhere, in all preoccupation with the future, a strawberry is always in sight. Things are now going the way they should with this girl right here.

I must confess that I smiled a whole lot today. With the cup of perfectly made caffe latte in one of the coziest coffee shops in the city, my dampened heart has been warmed. And I guess the strawberry has something to do with it. I am definitely positive that I will be smiling all throughout the week.

And just as the song goes… Though many times I run to You in shame, I lift my hands and call upon Your name… Thank You for being my cafe latte, for being my strawberry, for making my Sunday a perfect one. Indeed, Sunday is a time for You and me.


Dea said...

Hi Jacqueline, what a nice positive post, I just had to comment. A strawberry, I'll remember that.

Wishing you more beautiful Sundays.



Jacqueline Uy said...

Hi, Dea. It is always nice to write about positive things and share it to others. Cheers to a beautiful life :)