On the Other Side

(Pictures of my Chinese teacher 李老師 teaching us the art of drinking tea in class, and group picture with classmates in a trip to Maokong.)

In one of our video calls, my dad asked me if I'm still doing what I'm supposed to do here in Taiwan: to study. I answered "of course" with utmost conviction. My Facebook might be filled with photos taken from everywhere but rest assured that I keep myself busy by reading and studying... a lot. Have you seen anyone who can manage to stay at the library reading room for six straight hours? Well, that's me. I try my best to do all my oral presentations, papers and readings beforehand, hence the amount of time I stay in the library.

My Chinese class also keeps me busy and wide awake at night when I cant think of ways on how to construct grammatically correct sentences using the conjugations and new vocabulary words being taught to us. I think our teacher is the most patient person I've known in her profession. I know it's her job to teach us, but the way she handles our class is just admirable. Sometimes I feel so stupid for asking silly questions but she'd gladly answer it. I also love my classmates. We're only a class of six but then we make time to have dinner every after class for some chit chat session, which is good for building a good foundation for friendship (see... I'm actually applying human communication class' topic discussion here).

So despite school work, I still manage to squeeze in some fun in my daily schedule. I have always believed that all work and no play makes Jacq a dull child. A mantra made especially for me.

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