Wishes on Lanterns

My shopping for classes phase is already done. I'm now settled with the courses I'll be taking for the Spring Semester. I have class from Monday to Thursday but my scedule's pretty manageable. The best decision I have made so far in my stay here is to take the special Chinese class in our Language Center. Our class met our teacher this afternoon and she's incomparable to all the Chinese teachers I had in high school. I may be loaded with school work this semester because I took four subjects for graduate school, but I think it's just enough to keep me busy. Am really excited to improve on my Chinese (it's been 5 years since I last attended a Chinese class) and to learn new things on human interaction, feminist thought, communication psychology and internet life (pretty much sums up the courses I'm taking). Sounds tough, but I am positive that I will make it through just like the last time, or maybe even better.

Also, last weekend I had friends from DLSU who came over and toured Taiwan. I brought them to Pingxi because I thought it would be nice to experience how locals live out their traditions (lantern making). We bought ready-made lanterns and wrote our wishes. When the sky was dark enough, we lit up our lanterns and sent them to heaven to meet with perhaps our Creator, and negotiate if the "wishes" are doable. I hope they are. The wishes are for my family, nothing more.

First post for this month of March. More to come I hope! I must say that I'm really blessed with so much this past days. My friends left but new ones came along. Another set of friendship to nurture. Thank You Lord for being so great. My heart would always belong to You. I wish I'd be guided with all the decisions I will be making, all the presentations I will be preparing, and all the readings I will be digesting. I didn't write down this wish on my lantern, but it's always in my prayers.

*Writing this entry in a dark room with only my desk light on. Roomie's sleeping so I'm enjoying all the quiet time I have.*

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