Yet Another Day

It just feels so good to write at night, when the day's almost done. There's nothing to do except reflect on how the day went and the things you have accomplished.

The month's finally coming to an end. That fast. I find it amazing that I wake up everyday with lots of things to do and before I sleep at night I find myself in awe thinking about how I managed to deal with yet another day. The month has been good to me. I love being surrounded with people who really want to be friends with you, not just at the surface-level. I love people who are this sincere, who make time and effort to get to know you better. And I leave it at that. I am truly happy.

I shall end this day thinking that I'm in that luxurious bedroom with the beautiful sunset view, and dream until another day has come.

(The image is an entire room made of miniature materials, a bedroom inside a dollhouse, displayed at a museum in Taipei. Have to write about that next.)


Unknown said...

Hi Jacqueline,

I think you commented on my blog several months ago. Sorry I don't normally check for comments, here's my very late reply.

An internship at Ogilvy, is not hard to get but all comes down to what you want to do and what you want to get out of it.

If you're a creative, it helps to have a book of ideas and anything that interests you, whether is hobbies of photographs of things you've done. Do a lot of research on the industry and try and think of ads you like and don't like and what you think you can bring to the department.

Finally, there is no link on the site, but it's worth just going in and speaking to the receptionist and if the person you want to see isn't there make an appointment for later. It's a lot more effective than email.



Unknown said...

busy life is what keeps us going..time flies and b4 u know it, u r on ur way back home again!weee! still counting down? time for countdown update!