Wednesday Dinners

If there is one thing I love about living alone in a place utterly unfamiliar to me (well, that was before) is the fact that I can go on wandering everyday, ruminating about things that I should do, planning ahead on the days yet to come. I may not have all the comfort here, but I am enjoying every bit of freedom. I am taking things one step at a time and absorbing all the things that I need to learn. I can feel that I have grown as an individual-psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, that is perhaps because of the different people I meet every single day of my life.

These people make me realize how different we are from one another. Sure there are cultural differences and sometimes even language barriers, but those are what motivate me to step forward and reach out. Social interaction and our communication process are indeed coping and survival mechanisms. What would you do without the ability to articulate your thoughts? Without friends? You're closest pals may leave later on in life, but I bet there'd be good ones coming along the way. Just look at those people I've been hanging out with lately. I thought life will be harder now that my closest friends went back. But thanks to Danielle who organized the dinner club, there are no more lonely dinners on Wednesdays. Meeting new friends is always good, and keeping the friendship is the best. I will continue taking things slow, enjoying every dinner I have and making new friends every now and then. It's fun just like that.

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