No Crying

You know what's the most painful thing to see? It's seeing you cry, seeing your tears fall from those delicate eyes, seeing you sniff, seeing you sigh. It pains me too much, so much that I would also want to cry to share the feeling. I never wished life could be easier, I never prayed for a perfect life. Having you already makes me feel happy and blessed. Perhaps we could just forget the things happening now because I know from the very start that there is nothing left to do. I have succumbed to the fact that nothing could change one's heart lest he is willing to accept and embrace goodness. Just let it be. I am here, we are all here, always, for you, as you have also been for us. Cry no more. Wipe those tears away. I have always told you this and will be telling you forever... That my love for you is more than words can say. We will be okay. God is good, God is great.

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